New Resident Evil: DC scans from Nintendo Power

Here are some initial pictures of Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles from the new Nintendo Power issue.

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Goomba123083d ago (Edited 3083d ago )

Wow that one picture actually looks good. Looks a lot like the setting of Resident Evil 5 though.

Wolfie3083d ago

Yeah, i think this scenario will take a place after "Resident Evil: Degeneration"

Goomba123083d ago

From what I gather from playing other RE games I think this is the Kaiser reference in RE4 where you know they have worked together before. I like this new scenerio actually.

Dannagar3083d ago

The graphics for Resident Evil: DC look outstanding for the Wii. However,it's a friken light gun game, on tracks. Why not make a real resident evil with the type of resources you're pouring into this game?!

3083d ago
bigjclassic3083d ago

Now announce RE5 Wii edition and watch fanboys cry..

hatchimatchi3083d ago

watch fanboys cry?

cry about what?

a watered down version of a game that was a disappointment to most re fans.

re5 isn't that great of a game, you're not missing out on anything.

on topic though, re:dc looks awesome.

CryWolf3083d ago

Its about time Resident Evil came over to the Nintendo Wii.

MegaPowa3083d ago

RE4 came out before this and umbrella chronicles..i thought hard core gamers would know this

condorstrike3083d ago

stop crying guys, i played RE5 on the 360 and it was ok, but resident evil on-rails is perfect on the Wii and if done well, might give you a better story, which RE5 lacked, and the graphics are really good, by the way on-rails is not pre-rendered so the 3d engine is at work, just not processing 360 degrees, so yes the Wii is pushing those graphics and I bet by next year Devs will squeeze a bit more juice.

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