Nintendo WiiWare reward scheme begins in October

Nintendo announced today the Connection Ambassador Promotion, a rewards scheme for loyal fans of WiiWare, will start in Europe this October and will allow players to become Ambassadors by encouraging friends and family to get connected with their Wii.

Rewards in the form of Nintendo Points and free Nintendo games are on offer.

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n4f3050d ago

that is one huge deal

kunit22c3050d ago

sorry but this seems almost WAYYYYY to good to be true. I would LOVE for this to be real, but just no way. Also how do they know that your an ambassador? when someone connects does it ask them to put in the Wii friend code of the person that helped connect them?

kesvalk3050d ago

yea, it's real. i received a msg on my wii about it... so yea...

Redempteur3050d ago

Not bad nintendo ...but this rewads lack impact IMO

na-no-nai3050d ago

if this is true count me in. i miss the n64 era cuz that time i was still playing the snes lol

Shnazzyone3050d ago

wow.... this reward has a ton of impact... 10,000 wii points, plus unlimited access to the entire nintendo VC catalog. Just for finding 20 people who have not connected their wii online. Makes me angry that European Nintendo owners are the only ones getting this opportunity.

SpoonyRedMage3050d ago

I need to get 20 people to sign up now! that's an amazing deal!

Redempteur3050d ago

That's a lot .. i can't find this being a good deal because of that

Shnazzyone3050d ago (Edited 3050d ago )!

Pay people 3 bucks each to get them to claim you as a person who helped... there are alot of wiis out there.