Close Look at the Massive Improvements in Guitar Hero 5 Wii

Guitar Hero 5 surprises Wii gamers by packing more solid improvements than any previous Guitar Hero game.

This 5-section review is not your usual "talk about the advertised features and complain about your personal gripes with the setlist" review. Instead, you'll get screenshots and details of the improvements GH5 has, compared to previous GH games.

Nintendo Wii developers Vicarious Visions have pulled out all the stops and poured their heart and soul into making this the first Wii Guitar Hero game to have "Full Feature Parity" with Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. That's no joke – aside from the obvious lack of HD resolution, the Wii version of Guitar Hero 5 has almost everything its brothers do. For all the Guitar Hero Wii rockers out there, after 2 years of feeling like "second class citizens" this is a dream come true.

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