Shacknews: Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Preview

Infinity Ward tonight unveiled the multiplayer mode for Modern Warfare 2 at a Microsoft-sponsored LA event.

The presentation began with a rundown on the Modern Warfare 2 Limited Edition Xbox 360 console, but quickly segued to a demonstration of several of the new multiplayer features making an appearance in the sequel.

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ape0073204d ago

mw2 GOTY contender

full stop.


lordkemp0073204d ago

Fair enough ape.

From what i see though, is mw2 1.5

You can bet your bottom dollar, this wont get mercilessly picked apart by reviewers, for its 'lack of innovation' or 'does not change the wheel' the way Killzone 2 was.

Sorry to bring that game up.

Thats not to say it wont be a great game.

Its just that i would prefer a so called game of the year to display fresh ideas and creative innovation.

Typical-Guy3204d ago

Call of Douchee is not GOTY PERIOD

DanSolo3204d ago

What makes me laugh about Call of Duty is how it brings out both sides of idiot fanboys...

The ones who hate it and have to bash it at every turn....
The ones who love it soo much they start foaming at the mouth when anyone even makes a reasonable negative comment about it!

Basically COD is a good game, its fun and if people like it then that is good, if you don't like it then pick one of the many other games out there to play and stop b1tching that you don't like it.
But it isn't the bestest most amazingist thing ever either, I like the game and will be getting it day one and I'm sure I'll be putting alot of hours in on it, but just like every other game it has its good points and bad points.

Alot of gamers this generation need to grow the fvck up!