Vision Doesn't Sell Games

From this week's Escapist, a look at the 'demise of Clover Studios.

"Founded in the midst of a Capcom shake-up in 2004, Clover Studios was a development group formed to "bring more originality to [Capcom's] products, thus leading to higher profits and better brand recognition." Clover's team was a deep well of talent that represented the best titles in Capcom's arsenal, from CEO Atsushi Inaba (Devil May Cry, Steel Battalion, Viewtiful Joe) to Shinji Mikami, best known for his work on Resident Evil, and Hideki Kamiya, a director on Devil May Cry.

This talented team put together three original, cutting-edge games and, for their troubles, the studio was shuttered and the team dispersed. While most tales of talented developers that collapse involve big promises and little delivery, the fall of Clover is more tragic, largely because they accomplished their goals, furthering the budding Viewtiful Joe franchise and releasing two startlingly original games, Okami and God Hand."

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