MW2 Afghan Map Gameplay (Cam)

"Afghan map is f-ing rad. So open with lots of hidden paths."

This is the same map seen at the end of the recent officially released "Flag Runner" gameplay trailer.

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JonnyBadfinger3044d ago

sh*t video. saw nothing but blur, a couple of rocks and a guy die

deadpoole3044d ago

wtf!!!! was that ... couldnt see $hit.

darkmurder3044d ago

Best footage I've seen all year!....

Close_Second3044d ago is just more run-n-gun stuff. I loved COD4 but have to admit the footage for MW2 has not won me over yet.

N2NOther3044d ago

Of course it's more run and gun. That's the style of the series. What were you expecting?

beavis4play3044d ago

that was a lame video. blurry and short.

monkey nuts3044d ago

Well that was a waste of time. Why the fudge approve that!??!

Major Kanimo3044d ago


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