Konami Stealth Announces Fairy Tail For PSP

The manga Fairy Tail is getting a PSP game.

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sinncross3052d ago

more PSP games! Awesomeness!

RedPawn3052d ago

Oh $h!t, it's One Piece's little Bro.

Baka-akaB3051d ago

Only if you dont try reading it .

Fairy quickly becomes it's "own man"

RedPawn3051d ago

I know that, I said it because it has a feel like OP by the charaters, and the art is almost OP style, I read it (Nice try though:).

ThanatosDMC3051d ago

It's like the great things about One Piece and Negima combined. But i prefer the Strawhats and the Negi better.

frictionini3052d ago

always liked the manga. Anime will be shown next season in Japan + this game = Fairy tail awesomeness

Renzokuken3052d ago

Fairy tail!!! Manga is brilliant, cant wait 4 the anime + game! Now, if they could only make a ps2/ps3 port..

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