250GB XBOX 360 HDD Cannot Be Bought Separately

JPS Reports: "Now that the 250GB Limited Edition Model is officially confirmed by Infinity Ward and Microsoft, gamers are wondering if they are able to buy the 250GB HDD separately in case they don't want to buy the bundle. The answer is NO..."

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Panthers3108d ago

It would cost a ton if they did sell it separately,

SaberEdge3108d ago

Dumb move, Microsoft. We need bigger and more affordable hard drives for our 360s.

butterfinger3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

It would be nice if they could at least get the 120GB under $100 and make this one $150, but I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens.

@ Jamie Foxx - Isn't that sad? lol. Just another day on N4G. :)

Jamie Foxx3108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

so 360 owners wouldnt like bigger affordable harddrives?

Microsoft Xbox 3603108d ago

Typical Microsoft. Forcing you to buy the whole system.

soljah3108d ago

seriously how do you xbox owners put up ms. first you have to pay to play online. now you can only buy and use hard drives that ms is willing to sell.
right now 3 smartest moves Sony made with the ps3
1 psn FREE
2 wifi included
3 use any standard laptop hard drive you want. of any size any speed from any store at any price.

12-24 months from now the decision to include bluray in the ps3 will turn out to be the smartest move of them all.

SaberEdge3108d ago


Microsoft have made their mistakes, and Sony has made theirs as well.

Blaze9293107d ago

this is obvious BS so people who possibly want the 250GB would have to buy the console entirely. If people remember correctly, when the elite first came out you could not buy the 120GB HDD separately and it was the same situation. Now look.

Microsoft will release it separately in the future and thats for sure.

darthv723107d ago

for now."

It is coming but will people care. Unless it is affordable it wont do much. I have upgraded my original 20gb with the 120 I found at target on clearance for $89. I also have an elite which has its own 120gb. Now I have opened up my original 20gb just to see how hard it would be to swap out the drive and it looks pretty easy. Would need the formatting software MS uses in order to try and put in something bigger.

MS needs to see that while they make $$ off accessories, they make more $$ off the games and live. The time for price gouging on accessories needs to come to an end. 120gb HDD for $69.99 and 60gb for $49.99. Wifi adp "G" for $39.99 and "N" for $59.99.

Those are just a few "respectable" prices MS should consider charging. They will sell more than they are currently and consumers will buy more software with $$ saved from such purchases.

blackpanther253107d ago

big ups to you man that is the most straight up stuff i have ever seen anybody type.

Yeah the original xbox had a removable hard drive. I believe they used regular desktop HDDs and people were able to switch them out. They should have stuck with that. A friend of mine brought his 360 over to my house recently and he did the whole laptop HDD mod....its simplistic, but it works

Consoldtobots3107d ago

All BS aside this is very telling of how lost microsoft is when competing with asian hardware manufacturing. Sony knows better than to try and compete in the HDD market, way too many companies doing it better faster and cheaper than SONY OR MS ever could. Now they are stuck with extremely overpriced perpherals in a market that gets cheaper by the day. People think we are trollingg when we say MS got in over its head against a HARDWARE MANUFACTURER like Sony. They know where they are strong and weak, which is why you have non-proprietary storage format in EVERY PS3.

y0haN3107d ago

I hope this means people can hack it so we can put any drive in and it registers as 250GB now..

edgeofblade3107d ago

You know what? When it comes out what model of 250 gig drive they are using, people will be able to clone their current drive into a new drive, expand the partition, and boom... 250.

thesummerofgeorge3107d ago

Brilliantly put. I completely agree.

I think Microsoft being the giant they were (and still are) wanted to jump into the console gaming market, and take Sony's place at the top immediately, and nothing less. They were clearly hungry for it, but they cut corners to get there, and when their negligence and/or lack of experience in this facet of of the industry caught up with them, they have incredible wealth to throw at it, and throw they did. Which works for a while until the illusion becomes discernible to the customer.

I think come next gen they'll have to prove beyond any doubt that their next system is reliable and has the latest (affordable) tech in it, and they'll be under more scrutiny than usual on those issues because of their shortcomings this gen.

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Sunny_D3108d ago

Well well well... Maybe Sony allowing any third party hardrive without voiding warranty wasn't so bad afterall? smirk* :)

butterfinger3108d ago

ever said that was bad, then they are an idiot. That has always been one of the PS3's best features.

SaberEdge3108d ago

Why are you such a flaming fanboy, suunyd? Why are you trying to turn this thread into some kind of fanboy war again?

I don't remember anybody saying that the PS3 having a user upgradable 3rd party hard drive was a bad thing. It is one of the things I like most about the PS3's hardware. Smart move on Sony's part.

GrandDragon3108d ago

Have MS lost it in the past 2 weeks or something?

Sunny_D3108d ago

Yeah, for some reason there's alot of negative 360 articles showing up, while the PS3 is having positive news. Well, it won't matter, because they always switch roles every week or month.

uxo223108d ago (Edited 3108d ago )

I don't consider the 250 gig HD not being able to be bought separately to be negative news. I do know that even good 360 news on N4G tend to mysteriously end up with a negative spin put on it. Just as this some are trying to do with this bundle.

Although, I think they are just saying that. This 250 gig drive will become available as soon as MS does it's next major update.

I can see lots of value in this bundle, and I think I will buy it to put in my bedroom for those days when I don't feel like going downstairs to the den yet still want to blow sh!t

Aclay3108d ago

If the 250GB Hard drive could be bought separately, I wonder how much it would cost?... The 120GB 360 Hard drive retails for $149, but Amazon sells it for $134... so I guess a 250GB 360 HDD would be around $200 bucks minimum, so no big surprise to me they aren't going to sell it separately because only a small handful of people would probably even buy it at that price.

I have no idea how much those Proprietary 360 Hard drives cost to manufacture, but M$ really needs to drop the prices on 360 Hard drives a bit more.

butterfinger3108d ago

thinking the same thing. I'd be scared to see the asking price of this 250GB HDD from MS. IMO, their HDD price and Wi-Fi adapter price are the two most ridiculously priced accessories this gen (even counting the Wii's accessories).

Sarcasm3108d ago

If it was sold at $200, then that's like selling a 360 arcade.

Maybe they knew that was pushing it.

Sheikh Yerbouti3107d ago

it is sold separately. Any price equity would make it obvious that the hard drivers are overpriced. I saw a frick 1TB Hard driver for $100 last weekend for Pete's sake - I could conceivably buy a 1TB hard drive for my PS3 for less money for a 120 GB.