Modern Warfare 2 Limited Edition 360 Already on Amazon

DualShockers writes,

"Many of you will looks at these images and touch yourselves at the sexiness that you're about to see: the Modern Warfare 2 Limited Edition Xbox 360. Everyone has been raving about the new exclusive bundle, but no one has yet to provide any images… until now. Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on the Modern Warfare 2 Limited Edition Xbox 360."

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BROOKLYN N-M-E3171d ago

Everyone made a big deal about the RED Resident Evil 360, But this, THIS IS A BUNDLE!!!

IdleLeeSiuLung3171d ago

seeing how it is the limited edition console, why aren't we getting the limited edition game. At a minimum the hardened edition!

Fans of the series willing to spend the money will want the extra content!

iiprotocolii3171d ago

They ARE getting a limited edition Xbox 360 with some fancy Modern Warfare 2 thingies and a 250GB HDD. I think that should suffice. Don't want the console costing $450.00 now do we? Although I do agree that they should have included it, though, in all honesty.

deadreckoning6663171d ago


Blaze9293171d ago

very tempting. how could anyone pass up an offer like this!?

soxfan20053171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

Bundling a multi-platform game is a very smart business decision. With exclusives, consumers have no choices - a 360 is required to play 360 exclusives, and a PS3 is required to play PS3 exclusives.

Multi-platform games are where the real war is, since consumers have a choice as to which console to play the game on. It certainly benefits MS if a consumer chooses to buy a 360 instead of a PS3 to play MW2. MS gets a console sale as well as royalties from the third party game sale. They also get a future customer for MS's own exclusives. By bundling MW2, and including extras in the package, MS is making a very attractive offer for a customer to buy their console instead of the competition's console.

MS couldn't have picked a better game either, considering MW2 will be the year's biggest game, and probably more of a system-seller than any exclusive for PS3 or 360.

iiprotocolii3171d ago

I agree. Although the price tag might seem steep for some, the fact that it's Modern Warfare 2 and it brings what it brings will give enough incentive for both fans of the franchise and Xbox-less consumers. This is one of the reasons why multiplat sales on the 360 trample PS3 sales - because Microsoft knows how to cater and deliver the game. Marketing is key to a game's/console's success. It's basic economics; and MS has been doing it quite well.

LordMarius3171d ago


"very tempting. how could anyone pass up an offer like this!? "

watch me

LONEWOLF2313171d ago

Very tempting indeed and i am sorry if this is quite fanboyish but i mean WHO would want to pass this up, Great looking system bundled with MW2+ the 360 version has MP Exclusive maps! and 399 is not that bad at all.

WildArmed3171d ago

ooooh! i love the skin on the 360 :)

But pass.. having both consoles (and short money... stupid college) puts things into perspective :)

I'll pick up the cheapest form of MW2 i can get :) as long as i can play it im not gonna complain

Lifendz3171d ago

the game, and I guess the usual 3 months of Live for free.

Not a great deal but certainly a good one imo. You can't say "it's a great deal because to buy all those seperately would cost you blank" when MS sells their 360 drives for an arm and a leg. But still, if you're looking for a 360 and have the dough, this is the way to go.

Only question is why does the 360 need that Modern Warfare 2 logo on it? Wouldn't that get old after awhile? The Halo design was dope because it didn't have any indicia of what Halo game it was. It was just Halo colors.

tonywood243170d ago

MAN, JUST GET THE BLACK ELITE AND A MODERN WARFARE 2 FACEPLATE. (OR ANY ONE YOU WANT) Don't get ripped off with the me, I seen many victims of this. (Halo limited edition, RE-5 limited edition, 360 elite edition.)

THE ONLY REASON i HAVE A 360 NOW IS BECAUSE THE PRICE ACTUALLY MEETS THE PRODUCT. $349-399....for a Black 360? People bought them though) I'm just smart.

DominusRebellis3170d ago

Hard-Drive = no big deal
Controllers = alright
Game = not limited t/f no big deal
System = well we all know that...

Overall: A very cold deal, actually it's not even a deal. Just buy a $300 PS3, trade 3 games at ebgames, and spend 100$ for a 500GB HDD for the same price and you have yourself a better system for the same price!

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taz80803171d ago

I almost wish my 360 would die so I could get this one

iiprotocolii3171d ago

You and me both. I'm contemplating on either a) 'mistakenly' spilling water on mine or b) throwing it in the microwave on 'Popcorn' level just so I can force myself to pick this one up. It sure does look sweet...

SCThor3171d ago

Just keep it on all night. Thats what took mine to go rrod


funny i have mine on all night quite often and nothing so far...

Lifendz3170d ago

that's what did it for my roomie.

@above: I'm glad you can play your 360 all night and nothing has happened with it thus far. I own a 60gb launch sku PS3 and I play it all the time. I guess RROD and YLOD are both fabrications /s

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taz80803171d ago

Eat your heart out PS3 slim, wonder if they will make an Uncharted 2 bundle, but no special color I think

BROOKLYN N-M-E3171d ago

can make a bundle for uncharted, LBP, and Killzone and it still won't be this cool!

iiprotocolii3171d ago

Let's not be blasphemous. A bundle for Uncharted 2 will be awesome. I think with the Slim's new design, it might be much simpler to work something around it with regards to color/decals etc. Only thing is, will Sony cough up the dough to do it.

WildArmed3171d ago

I still want that MGS4 ps3 -.-
sometimes being a console owner since launch bites you in the ass.

ps3... and 360 from launch.
so.. no MW2 360.. no MGS4 ps3 :(

Either way, the new ps3 slim looks so sexy. almost want to replace my 60gb for one =p

topdawg1223171d ago

No joke, that does look pretty sweet

DonCorneo3171d ago

but it will RRoD in 3 months

then you get a regular crapbox as a replacement

xbots are such losers

iiprotocolii3171d ago

It seems as if someone's mother didn't hug them enough. Don't worry... it's ok.

People are discussing how good a deal is and you're already concluding that anyone who is commenting on it is an xbot. Get your head out your a$$ and go punch some mirrors. You're obviously a blatant fanboy looking for the attention he doesn't get in the real world. Socializing, my friend - it's how you make buddies.

MegaPowa3170d ago

the ps3 is your god now? that's just sick find help my friend

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taz80803171d ago

I just realized that this is 250 GB, dwarfs the 120 Gb PS3 SLim, nice job MS. Great one up manship.

BaSeBaLlKiD7213171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

did you know that the 250gb PS3 slim is going to come out soon?

plus if you buy the PS3 slim now for $299 and you can get a 500gb HDD for about $90 on newegg. that is still cheaper than the 250gb Xbox Elite which I'm assuming that it will be priced at $399

iiprotocolii3171d ago

But does it bring an extra remote, a headset, Modern Warfare 2, and a sleek decal design on the console? Nope. Not saying that you're wrong, but when you do the math and add up the things you need to get in order to compare the two, you'll end up spending more cash on the PS3.

WildArmed3171d ago

matter of opinion.

PS3 still got bluray over MS.
Free online.. (essential for MW2! one of the hottest multiplayer games)
wireless... i could go on.

But its a start :)
I loves the new skin, which alone would get me to buy the 360.. but my 360 is still living <3

At the end of the day, both consoles offer great value and a big bang for your buck.

TheAntiFanboy3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

Slow down, cowboys. While the 360 MW2 LE does come with stuff that the PS3 Slim 250GB doesn't, the PS3 ALSO has some stuff that the 360 bundle doesn't have, so it kinda balances out.

I guess which one is "better" will depend on who wants what: a sweet-looking 360, a copy of MW2, a free headset, and two controllers, or a sleek and slim PS3, WiFi, Blu-Ray and free PSN? From there, it's pretty much just pure needs and opinions as opposed to a concrete "THIS ONE IS BETTER THAN THE OTHER ONE".

[Note: This comment is reinforced by Fact™ and is undiluted by bias.]

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Grevan3171d ago

I want it I want it I want it! And no I did not have coffee. Though it might be out of my price range.