CVG : Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer hands-on

CVG writes:

"Infinity Ward has finally lifted the curtain on Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer mode at an exclusive hands-on event in LA. Now we've had a chance to sit down with it here's a quick burst of facts that we've learned so far. More to come later..."

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Kleptic2990d ago

damn it...i don't want to be excited about this...I still have plenty to do in killzone 2...clan matches, finally beating it on elite, etc...but I can't help wanting to get back to the ridiculous pacing of cod 4...only better...

I wish MW2 used killzone 2's rendering engine...then we would be set...

will112990d ago

Finally the truth revealed. Press Agree.

Kleptic2990d ago

well I always said i wouldn't buy it new if Acti went the 'more than $60' route...i'd look into it used after a few weeks...but it seems the price hikes aren't coming to the US...

I'd still like to buy it used just to spite their douchebag CEO...but i like IW, always whatever...we'll see, i'll probably cave...

deadreckoning6662990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

This game is gunna be a little iffy on the death streaks, it gives noobs too much.

dragonelite2990d ago

Thats there advice price you know the retailers can agree with those prices and sell it at $65 or they can sell it as low as $55 you just need to look on the internet or in the stores after release.

PS360PCROCKS2990d ago

Just do what I'm doing since I started the petition. I will get it from Gamefly, than keep it and buy it off them in like 3 months. Voila no money for Activision.

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Godofwar3rapes2990d ago

without a doubt, the best game this year sales wise and review wise

neonlight452990d ago

I really cannot freaking wait.

Sunny_D2990d ago

I don't know about that... Sales wise yes, but Review wise, it might go to Uncharted 2.

Jeff2572990d ago

Sales wise it will do well. I dont see it doing that great in reviews though. It has new stuff sure but the game itself is bascially the same thing people are playing now.

Rifle-Man2990d ago

It's all the stuff I always wanted! Silenced sniper rifles, dual wielding, throwing knives, Glock 18 (fav gun of all time!).

he only thing not in there is a masterkey attachment, and I'm not even totally sure that it's not going to be included.

Fück. Yeah.

KionicWarlord2222990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

This game going be much harder on hardcore search and destroy this time .

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The story is too old to be commented.