OXCGN's Special Edition Games Packs Part 1 – 'Tis The Big Release Season


"The spoils the developers have prepared for us this season may not be as large a variety as years past, but the tantalising flavour of this year's holiday fare will no doubt challenge the game-making chefs of 2010.

However, some developers have realised that it takes more than just the experience itself to satisfy the hunger of the gaming community and have given us the option to take away a souvenir to remember our time by, if our wallets allow it.

The following begins the delicious 'happy meal' Special Edition Menu that game publishers have served for us this holiday season, some including toys and goodies that may or… well let's face it some probably will not, fit into you stocking.

First up on the plate is none other than…"

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gaminoz3084d ago

Some of those packs are amazing. Special Editions are a funny thing: some are just hard covers or making of dvds but now they seem to want to add downloadable content which should probably be in the original game!

Also what happens when games are download only (Like with PSP GO!)...will we lose these figurines and artbooks...

REALgamer3084d ago

Providing they're done well.

The things I like most in special editions are:

1) Making-of DVD / Blu-Ray
2) Concept art book
3) Soundtrack
4) Special packaging (eg: metal case)
5) Good figurines

Things I DON'T like:

1) Special Edition-only DLC, because it means buyers of the stadnard edition are missing out on content that was already made and simply withheld to make people buy special editions (eg: the 'exclusive' extra missions for Assassin's Creed 2 that are available on launch day).

2) Art cards / trading cards. Seriously, how many people actually look at them apart from when they first open it?

3) Mini hint books that only cover the first half-hour of the game (eg: Star Ocean 4 collector's edition). How many people need help in the first half-hour of a game which is usually a tutorial anyway?

I still like watching the making-of DVDs for Halo 2 and 3, it's very interesting to see the development process and some of the people behind the game.

cornfedgamer3084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

There's rarely anything in special editions to justify the extra money.

But I disagree w/ REALGamer on the DLC. Standard edition customers aren't missing out, they're paying less for less content. For me, extra content would be the ONLY reason to shell out more money.

REALgamer3084d ago

It's just annoying that the content already exists, it's just purposely not printed on the disc.

Individual items or character skins are OK though (eg: the gold lancer in Gears of War 2).

Perhaps something instead could be future DLC is free for collector's edition owners? Eg: the first map pack.

gaminoz3084d ago

I like REALGamer's idea...

What if a store runs out of LE versions, then you can't get the content at all. And re-sale of a LE version, the code has of course been used. Maybe offer the content on Marketplace for a small fee? Or do a collector's edition later with all the extras? Interesting question though...

cornfedgamer3084d ago

I agree. It is kind of annoying when it is there and just not part of the game. You start to feel cheated.

I feel the same way when I walk into a bar and there is Petron on the top shelf yet I'm drinking Cuervo. The bartender should just give it to me, it's there.

I'm being sarcastic there. But the principal, I think, is the same.

The thing is, extra content is probably one of the most expensive things to include in a CE because of all the salaries involved. And it's for collectors, the die hard fans who want to go out of their way to get it.

So if it's available in every store or ready for download a month later by standard edition customers, you lessen the value of the special CE content. And then why would anyone buy a CE?

XboxOZ3603084d ago (Edited 3084d ago )

I have to say I'm a sucker for any LE or CE - so long as it contains viable gear, not simply a game in a tin-case like some are passed off as.

Look at the Batman Arkham Asylum Collectors Edition, for the money, it's well worth it, as is the Modern Warfare's Prestige Edition. The Night Vision goggles alone are worth more than the kit they are in, let alone having the game, art and other gear.

Halo 3's Helmet was/is awesome, even though I have the standard edition, I still got the Helmet one, and it sits atop of my desk hutch, along with many other "collectables".

Many PC games that come out with COllectors Editions are amazing, as have been many of the console games. The thing many 'casual gamers' forget, is that a 'collector' is not worried about the cost, although it does help if they are cheap nough not to require a bank loan, but they are after something that becomes

1) A talking point for friends when they come over

2) that the item supplies something the normal punter can not buy over the counter

3) That it is made well and looks good

and lastly

4)That it is a "collectable" that can aquire in value - over time.

I have 5 Collector Edition 1st Gen Xbox's . .I do not own a BBB (big black box) as all are Collectors editions of one sort or another. I have several collectable consoles that all have raised in value since puchasing them.

What we get now is what the media used to get as what was termed "press junket" sent out to hopefully garner more support from the media with regards tp their games, but also directly comnnected to the game its self.

Like the most recent $US200 cheques sent out by EA which are exactly what they used to do . .

And now MS and Activison have joined forces to bring a Collector Edition Xbox 360 which WILL have a specially pained 360, not just your normal every day console in with the game and other goodies.

And it's about time. I cam predict that not only will these items sell to the new gamer, but to almost any gamer, whether or not they have 1 -- 2 - 3 consoles already. That's a given.

It's great marketing at its best. If I had the $$$< i'd be straight up to the store and place my Pre-order for one right now, but alas, that won't be happening.

Godem3084d ago

i gotta stop buying CE's.... most of them suck :(