The 15 Top N64 Games of All Time

The Nintendo 64 (originally named the Nintendo Ultra 64) is the third console that Nintendo had ever released, hitting the North American market in September of 1996. Often ridiculed for staying with cartridges rather than using compact discs like the Sega Saturn and Sony PlayStation, the N64 was actually the most advanced of the "fifth generation" gaming consoles. The console did have its limits, though, as its texture cache was limited and the system had the worse color-depth of the three primary gaming systems of the time.

In celebration of the 13th anniversary of the Nintendo 64's North American launch, the Game Guys count down the 15 best games ever released for the console.

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EvanVolm3080d ago

I would add Rush 2 and Diddy Kong Racing to that list.

Poopface the 2nd3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

but my list would have star fox and turok 1 on it too. Maybe even rogue squadron. They also forgot majoras mask as a pretty good one. Im not sure if ThPS 2 was on 64 but if it was it would be better than THPS 1.

Also they say tha tthe system came with piolot wings or mario and it most defiantly DID NOT come with any games. I remember because I went out the next day and got mario 64 and I remember my parents werent happy because it cost 70 something bucks.

EDIT-- Turok 2 was OK. I had it and preferred goldeneye for multi. as it was more customizable and more weapons. I also found turok 1 to be a better and more unique single player game. But it was turok 2 your thinking of wher you could be a monkey and kill it with the cerebral bore. I didnt like turok 2 as much, probably because I was really looking forward to it and I think it ended up trying to be too much like a PC FPS.

Turok 1 is underrated in my opinion. It was and still is a very unique FPS. It also took alot of skill to beat without using the cheats. Without cheating you pretty much had to find all the chronocepter pieces and it was pretty hard to get them. I actually did finally finish it without cheating when I got older as I always used cheats when I was little.

kalebgray923080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

just cant make a list with only 15 need at least 20-25

my top 3 were
1.golden eye
2.mario kart
3.rouge squadron

spunnups3080d ago

Forgot about StarFox /facepalm

I think Turok 2: Seeds of Evil (pretty sure)l was the ultimate 4 multiplayer experience, where you could battle 3 of your friends using the cerebral bore, crossbow, etc. I remember playing that game with a few friends for atleast 12 hours straight.

Nihilism3080d ago

turok 2 really was the best multiplayer for it's time, maybe even better than goldeneye

Saaking3080d ago

I agree with the top 6, except I'd bump Mario 64 down 2 spaces.

spunnups3080d ago

I agree, not only did Turok 2 have better weaponry, but level design as well.

ReservoirDog3163080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

I never used my N64 much really. I really abused mario kart though. I don't really care for racing games but I'll always remember mario kart 64.

edit: haha, how can you disagree to that?

Sigh3080d ago

where is starfox 64? Thats a great game that also had fun local multiplayer. Majora's Mask should be in there too, but still below Ocarina of time :), imo. Donkey Kong 64 was also really fun, deserved to be on there too. Hmmm what elseee... I don't know if these are top something list for n64, but diddy kong racing was also fun, not better than mario kart, but still great. Everyone went nuts on the pokemon stadium games and pokemon snap...

ape0073080d ago

the n64 was such a legendary console

not only these games in the list but tons of brilliant games

turok 1,2 and 3,the amazing shadow man,the gem body harvest 64,the world is not enough(absolutely amazing,miles ahead of ps1 ver.),jet force jemini,majora's mask,star fox 64,wwf no mercy(better than wm2000),paper mario,doom64,dn 64,blast corpse,dk64,mario kart 64,mario parties,smash bros 64 and more

everytime I think about the n64,I just look at the wii and say "what a shame"

weazel3080d ago

The list definately needs Starfox and JetForce Gemini.

spandexxking3080d ago

mischief makers?! were is it! i loved that game

Alvadr3080d ago

Goldeneye was easily the best.

Wheres BlastCorps?

ape0073080d ago

was awesome

remember "shake shake"

PROFIT3079d ago

i loved the wwf games from thq

me n my friends used to cut class and play those while talking mad sh1t to each other.


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spunnups3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

Decent list, the first 5 or so are right.

They left out BattleTanks and WCW Vs. NWO which were 2 of my all time favorite multiplayer games.

Oh and 1080 snowboarding, yeah probably the best snowboaring game ever, right there with SSX Tricky.

And Donkey Kong Kountry, which at that point in time had the best graphics on any console.

I'd put Mario Tennis on there before Mario Golf.

They also left out Hydro Thunder, which is also a hell of an arcade experience. Talk about adrenaline pumping.

For those wondering what Hydro Thunder is, well, check out this video and tell me that doesn't look like a blast.

Poopface the 2nd3080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

I had the dreamcast version though.

below---nope metroid wasnt on N64, only samus in smash brothers.

spunnups3080d ago

Hydro Thunder is one of those racers that deservers a re-release, ala Wipeout HD.

ambientFLIER3079d ago

Yeah, except you linked to the psx version of Hydro Thunder, which looked like ass compared to the N64 and dreamcast versions...

cmrbe3080d ago

Mario 64
Zelda OOT
Golden Eye.
Metroid prime.
StarFox 64.

ReservoirDog3163080d ago (Edited 3080d ago )

Um, I don't think metroid prime was on the N64. Was it?

@Poopface the 2nd

Yeah, I knew it. That would've certainly been news to me.

Sigh3080d ago

didmt mention starfox 64... That's it... I'm coming after them...

edit: also paper mario wasn't on there... argh!

The_Devil_Hunter3080d ago

What! LoZ:OOT deserved first place, that's not right. Pathetic.

Horny3080d ago

yup, Zeldo OOT is still the greatest game ever made.

El_Colombiano3079d ago

It deserves 1st through 10th place. Best game ever.

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