PS3 XMB (Improvement Ideas) *UPDATED*

The same amazing graphics designer has posted an updated version of his concept of the XMB.

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3230d ago
will113230d ago

If Sony goes with this, it would be awesome! Press Agree

ape0073230d ago (Edited 3230d ago )

this would be amazing,it makes for a better online experience,u feel like u have your special sweet home(gamercards)like u do on 360,trust me,I play on live and psn almost everyday

tbh the player profiles,ps home and the in game xmb,I repeat the IN-GAME XMB,the xmb (main xmb looks so amazing specially with the new sparkles and the animated themes) feels so lifeless and boring,they have very low attractiveness attractivness,the 360 in game dashboard\gamercards and menus feel pretty alive and attractive

hope sony take note,please sony,that's sick

I_am_rushin3229d ago

please explain how the hell a GUI is "alive"?

Christopher3229d ago

His friend detail panels would not work well on SD TVs. There would have to be an option to turn this level of detail on or off depending on the resolution capabilities of your TV.

Overall, I think we all agree this would be great to see as an _option_ that can be turned on or off. Many of us would use it whereas most normal users would likely leave it disabled.

Tempist3229d ago

Way, way to cluttered. I don't need to have all that information thrown into my face at once. The XMB is founded on minimalism and simplicity, that's why it works so well.

That is just a cluster F**k of things I don't need to know. It's not the best design in comparison to everything else the XMB has going for it right now and the PS3 on the whole.

Raf1k13229d ago

Sony should hire this guy.

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WildArmed3230d ago

I dont think its much as that Sony doesnt want to do an XMB layout like this vs that they dont want to make the XMB too heavy.

The profiles might be quite heavy to load on the fly/heavy on the XMB itself. Esp. since they are trying decrease the RAM usage, not shoot it up.

I guess they could disable this when your in-game. So you can see their profile on the fly while ur on the XMB.
But then they'd get hate for not letting you see the profiles in the in-game xmb.

Either, it's interesting to see where this road is leading.

3.0 was good, and found the features to be refreshing.
3.10/3.20 cant come sooner :)

vhero3229d ago

This is the point I try to make whenever I see this makeover. It's also about bandwidth of the network too as its not exactly speedy right now at pulling information. This will no doubt slow down pulling up your contact list when starting your console even more.

Dellis3230d ago

You guys think SONY has think about this?, ever wonder that perhaps it is impossible thus they never done it?

All this guy did was take SCEA's sites own design and did this video, I
thinking we will see some type of stuff like this but not this detailed.

Bathyj3230d ago

How about wallpaper .gif's or even short avi's.

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The story is too old to be commented.