Derek Smart Vs. Brett Todd

Derek Smart has gone on the attack against Brett Todd in his blog for a recent GameSpot review.

Excerpt: "GameSpot has used me – as they do others they haven't played nice with – as their whipping boy for years. Of course it doesn't help that in one of their shady publisher dealings, back in 2003 they actually went to the extent of running an altered version of an interview that I did with them for a previous publisher. And without my permission. I only found out about it when I read their version. I asked them to take it down, they refused. So I immediately did what I always do in situations like this. I shoved my attorney in both their face and my then publisher's (the now out of business Dreamcatcher Interactive) and subsequently posted the original version online. Then sent out a press release about its availability and detailed the circumstances of what they'd done. That was the last time that I had any sort of direct contact with GameSpot."

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