Thunderbolt: Scribblenauts Review

Thunderbolt writes: "Nor is it perfect. The premise is as incredible as it is ambitious. A game that lets you summon whatever item you can possibly think up? On a handheld? Amazing. The sheer amount of levels and well-designed challenges will keep you figuring out different plans and discovering how extensive the game's dictionary can get. You'll have to put forth the effort, considering how much of your progress depends on the bonus points you'll get from solving a puzzle. Even if the unlockables and online features are kind of generic, the Level Editor will keep you busy. Not to mention all the time you'll waste messing around with all the items. It's wonderful stuff, but the controls drag it down from being truly great. With so many inconsistencies and awkward handling, it kills a lot of the fun. It's not horrendous, but it's an annoying problem that could have been easily fixed. Regardless of its flaws, Scribblenauts is a fine title. It may be over-hyped, but it's still worth playing".

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