Last Ranker, a new PSP RPG Announced

JPS Reports: "Famitsu Magazine reported a new RPG heading to the PSP. Last Ranker is an all new RPG being developed by Image who are most well known for the Luminous Arc series on DS..."

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Chris3992958d ago

I'm grabbing a PGP Go in two weeks, pre-ordered and all (caved and traded in the 3000 - I always have to have the "new" model, it's really an irritating and expensive personality trait :) ).

There seem to be a lot of JRPGs in the pipe-line for the PSP. I'm especially interested in Persona, Ys, Parasite Eve and Agito. Plus whatever Atlus and NIS inevitably add to the PSP lineup. Tokyo Game Show should prove very illuminating.

P.S. Luminous Arc was a really solid series on the DS. All you SRPG and JRPG fanatics should check it out if you have the time/ system/ money/ inclination :)

rockleex2958d ago

Bad ass.

I also like the artwork for the textures.

gaffyh2958d ago

Known as Rast Lanker in Japan :D

This actually looks pretty good from the screens, I've been personally looking forward to Agito and Parasite Eve, so now I can add this one to the list.

GameGambits2957d ago

I fully agree their art style choice is superb! I'm already interested to hear more on this games story and battle system. Looks to be an action RPG, and if Crisis Core taught us anything is that the PSP is a great place for those kinds of games. :D

sirbigam2958d ago

Hell to the hell ya,anotha psp rpg, character looks like he could be badass hope he has a good story.

Godmars2902958d ago

Are we going to hear anything directly from TGS, or is it all getting leaked?

sinncross2958d ago

This is from Famitsu mag, many things from TGS are usually shown off in the Mag around the same time of the event.