Why Every Gamer Needs Gamefly

Gamefly is the Netflix of video games. It allows you to rent video games for an unlimited amount of time for a monthly fee. Here is why it is worth it to every gamer to subscribe to Gamefly.

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billjimbob3204d ago

Gamefly will definitely help me get through the onslaught of games coming this fall.

RememberThe3573204d ago

I can't count how much money GameFly has saved me over the last two years. It really is a great service. Accept it can be pretty slow at tiems other times it's super fast. It took over a week for them to get Yakuza out to me, and two days to get Beyond Good and Evil out to me.

billjimbob3204d ago

Absolutely right in that games can take a bit, but usually it's alright. New releases can take a bit if you don't have a space free as soon as it releases, but if you're looking for older games, it's super quick. (Which is what I have been doing lately, getting through all of last year's games that I didn't have time for.)

Pandemic3204d ago

Sadly, it's only available in America..

Syronicus3204d ago

Been with Netflix for years now and love it. The best plan is the 3 out at a time so you can have that open slot for when new games are released. Then, you can buy them for as low as 45 bucks new. It is a great deal if you are an avid gamer.

Syronicus3204d ago

I ment GameFly, not Netflix. I am a user of both and they both are great.

TK4213204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

I just run to Blockbuster at lunch time on the day the game comes out before all the snot nosed kids get home from school If I don't want to buy it.

If its a long game I don't want I just go ahead and buy it and then sell it on Ebay. The loss I take usually comes out to about the cost of a rental fee.

The Lazy One3204d ago

Every 2-3 months they give you 5 bucks to spend in their store, and it expires right after you get the next one, so about every 4-6 months you can get a free cheap game. I got assassin's creed that way.

Nineball21123204d ago

signed up for Gamefly this month. There were a ton of older games that I wanted to play and it's difficult for me to justify buying games that I'll probably only play through once.

The first game I got was Sacred 2.... playing it now and while it's a decent game, I'm glad I rented it rather than bought it.

I'll have to see what the turnaround is on sending games back and receiving other games... Hopefully it won't be too bad, but I have other games that I haven't completed 100% that I can always play until the next one arrives.

I'm a bit worried about getting newer games that I want to play, but I figure if they are blockbuster games like UC2 or MW2, I'd buy them anyways...

So, since I'm using this service mainly to play games I never would buy in the first place, I think I'm going to be happy with it.

ThanatosDMC3204d ago

I'd rather own. Heck, i learned never to sell my games anymore in Gamestop since when i miss playing them, i'd have to buy another copy.

Faztkiller3204d ago

another thing that great u can buy new games at cheaper price for example right now i can keep NFS shift for $48

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locos853204d ago

I had it but canceled. Games took to long to get to me. I would ship a game out and have to wait like 4 days for the next one to come. I'm used to waiting 2 days with netflix or

koehler833204d ago

Not every gamer lives in the US. In fact only an annoyingly vocal minority do.

Sarcasm3204d ago

Huh? Was that some nationalist comment or something?

Poopface the 2nd3204d ago

america is the largest video game market.

callahan093204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

I have GameFly and I definitely don't rely on it for my gaming fix. It has its benefits, which is why I keep my subscription, but I can't sit there and say it'd ever be enough to satisfy my desires to play all of the latest games when they come out.

I have had Prototype and Red Faction Guerrilla at the top of my Q since the day they each came out and they STILL haven't come. The only way to actually get newer games to come is to dump your whole Q and wait, which sucks.

In my opinion, GameFly needs to order far more copies of each game when they come out because I know I'm not the only one who's had new releases sitting at the top of my Q and never coming for months on end.

akiraburn3204d ago

I completely agree man, and it's for those same reasons that I canceled my subscription with Gamefly. I initially subscribed because I really wanted to try Sacred 2, Cross Edge, and a few other obscure games that they had listed (all of which the Blockbuster's in my area weren't carrying and didn't plan on it anytime in the future).

After pretty thoroughly reviewing GF's services contract, I agreed and signed up. Though I must have missed the portion that more thoroughly explained their "based on their availability" policy, because sure enough I ended up finding out that all the games I even remotely cared about had a "Low" or "Very Low" chance of shipping. Every new release was listed with the same availability as well, and seemed to stay that way for quite a while.

So as you said, I had to clear my entire list except for Sacred 2, and just wait till it shipped. I waited about 2 and a half weeks for a copy of Sacred 2 to ship (and even prior to those 2 weeks it was at the top of my list for a month, I just had other games in the queue that they would ship out instead), and then it took 4 more days to arrive. I feel that it was a pretty big rip-off, that out of the entire month I paid for, I was only able to actually use 1 week to actually play the game due to their stocking problems. They seriously need larger amounts of their games, because I'd bet that's the main reason they lose most of their customers.

In my opinion, if you want a good reliable rental service, the only option I've really seen that's both worth the money and has a decent selection (pending on the store) is Blockbuster's "Game Pass" ($20/month lets you rent any games you want for as long as you want). The only downside is, that you could run into the same problems I had, where a decent number of games you may be interested in, are games that the store either won't get in, or will only get one to two copies of, and someone can rent them out for weeks on end. If anyone else has any ideas, I'd be very interested to know what other options there are.

Hutch23553204d ago

You wait for so long to get a lot of the games, not even new releases, some of them are over a year old. Then theres the problem I had with Force unleashed. 3 xbox 360 versions, and 2 ps3 versions until I got one that worked, and it takes 2-5 days to get the game so it was over a month until I got one that worked. This service sucks and isn't even in the same class as netflix. Stay away from this service unless you want to wait weeks for the game you want. Not worth the price at all, if it were 8 bucks a month maybe, but after the first month it goes to 15 so don't do it.

roflmuffins83204d ago

Gamefly is useful when they actually ship the games at the top of your Queue, but most of the time they never do (regardless of the availability).

The service isn't very reliable and it pisses me off when it chooses some random game out of my queue instead of the ones at the top. I'm considering cancelling my subscription if this keeps up.

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