IGN: NHL 2K10 Review

IGN writes: "NHL 2K10 isn't a bad effort, it just feels like the development team spent most of their time on the graphics and forgot about adding a worthwhile game mode. There were subtle additions to the gameplay formula (stick lifts, slightly improved AI, player progression in franchise mode) but there are so many lingering issues from last year's game that the improvements get lost. With such a great hockey effort available elsewhere on the market, there really isn't a reason to pick this one up unless you're looking for a simpler, less realistic brand of the sport".

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Jamegohanssj53046d ago

Wow 2K7 ftw! Best hockey game ever!


venomcarnage893046d ago

2k7 was the first hockey game i bought for years back when it first came out. i loved it and played it for a year. but 2k8 sucked and i just bought 2k9 for like $15 and its not as good either. must say 2k7 is better than all other 2k's and its far better than all the EA hockey games. i still think 2k beats EA overall with these games, i cant stand hockey sims, i play 2k and set the speed and hitting way up, arcade hockey ftw!