Order Papa John's Pizza on your PS3

PlayStation LifeStyle writes:

"Want to get your feed bag on without leaving your PS3? From now until September 27th, 2009 all you have to do is open your PS3's web browser and click on the Papa John's link near the upper left side of the page."

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Sev2985d ago

It's missing just one thing, and you'd never have to leave your PS3...

Max Power2984d ago

to pay for your pizza, even then its not far.

soljah2984d ago

hey fellows how does the saying go


Blaze9292984d ago

love me some Papa Johns :D

rockleex2984d ago

A teleportation device so you don't even have to go answer the door?

gamingisnotacrime2984d ago

yeah come on Sony how do you expect me to stop playing and answer the door, do something about it!!!!

It only does everything, right? lol

Sarcasm2984d ago

hahahahahaha they sure are taking it "Only does everything" literally.

Now just waiting for the

"but but but no cross game voice chat" NO... just NO... stop it...

OGharryjoysticks2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

"but but but no cross game voice chat"

There's a rumor that PS3 actually does have cross game chat, but to use it you have to pay 50 bucks a year. And since it's only one feature that doesn't have anything to do with real gaming I think PS3 owners just stick with the free service because 50 bucks really isn't worth it.

ChozenWoan2984d ago

I just did a check and it works with PizzaHuts website as well. I can even order a pizza today for delivery at a later time. It appears the PS3's browser supports Https (secure) websites, so you should be good to go to order stuff such as TV's from HSN and other shopping network sites, or computer parts from NewEgg. The possibilities are nearly endless.

Multi-Console Owner2984d ago

Your pizza pops out of the disc drive XD

Syronicus2984d ago

I guess they really meant it.

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ftwrthtx2985d ago

and a pack of wet-naps


Godmars2902985d ago

Sad thing is, I want to try it.

The pizza any good?

Trexman892985d ago

it's not covered in 2 buckets of grease like yes.

Raoh2985d ago

papa johns is great.. i usually use the code "chcal" for a large 3 toppings pizza for $10.99

i'll usually do extra cheese and half the pie peperoni and the other half chicken

Awookie2984d ago

Its more expensive than most but it is my favorite pizza place

mfwahwah2984d ago

I've never tried Papa John's. My small town has a Dominoes and 2 other "local" pizza places, so it's always one of those I opt for. I might try this out though.

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Trexman892985d ago

Digital distributed pizza.....greatest invention of the 21st century

kaveti66162984d ago

I prefer it in the physical medium, you know? I just like the idea of tangible ownership.

mfwahwah2984d ago

But the DD copy comes with the Cinnapie Expansion Pack. Can't pass on that deal!

GiantEnemyCrab2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

hurray ad's! o_o

(i like Pizza Hut)

@below: that's true but it's right in your face bam!

(This Message Brought to You by Taco Bell, We Feed Your Late Night Hunger)

kalebgray922985d ago

you have to open the webpage and click a link as to turning on your console and boom it there

ftwrthtx2985d ago

but just a link to page that was made just for the PS3's web browser.

As for their pizza, it is very good and not near as greasy as most pizzas, even if you like a meat lover's pizza.

Godmars2902985d ago

You don't get "BAM!" until you hit little innocent looking tab below the Youtube one. And then you have to open the browser first.

Bet "BAM!" happens alot on the 360's XMB though...

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