Activision: Sequels Offer "Road Map For Innovation"

Pity the video game sequel, perpetually scapegoated as an evil of the industry. To the rescue of its reputation this week came Activision Blizzard boss Bobby Kotick. The exec recently explained what sequels are good for, besides profit.

During his hour-long - and highly quotable - presentation on Monday to the Deutsche Bank Securities Technology Conference in California, Kotick was asked by attendee whether he considered the gaming industry to be a hit-driven business.

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Oztheboss3140d ago

Yahtzee, and the rest of us, would respectfully disagree.

Sure, innovation can come through smaller upgrades from the previous game in the series, but REAL innovation comes from original IP's and the minds of people like Schafer, Suda Goichi, Mr. Blow, DICE - the creators of Mirror's Edge, RockSteady Studios and, to a lesser extent (nowadays) Miyamoto.

Sequels are often, at least in Activision's case, upgraded, polished and tweaked versions of the same game. Sure, there might be some new gameplay additions and refreshing multiplayer experiences. (Infinity Ward being one of the rare studios capable of improving upon already great games)

Mr. Kotick. You love money more than games, and that's why you do not deserve a place in the Gaming community.