G4TV: Need for Speed: Shift Review

Need for Speed: Shift is easily the best Need for Speed game in recent memory and is one of the year's best racing games. As mentioned, even if it's deeper than an arcade racer, it's not a details-obsessed sim like Forza or Gran Turismo. However, it's more fun and approachable for a larger number of people.

There's always something to strive toward in Shift beyond finishing first, and the actual driving is rewarding thanks to the amazing cockpit camera and spectacular controls. If you're a racing game fan, go ahead and pick up Need for Speed: Shift. It brings back a lot of the fun that has been missing from sim-oriented racers for a while.

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LukaX233232d ago

I just checked on, why the heck did DiRT 2 get 4/5 while NFS: Shift got a 5/5? Is it really that much better?

ShinFuYux3232d ago

I wish we had the options to customize the control buttons. I don't really enjoy driving a car with the analog sticks, I prefer driving it with the D-Pad..

We should all flood the EA forums and make them recognize this stupid little problem and update the game so we can drive these cars with the analog sticks. Beyond that, the game seems to be more like PGR than GRiD. That's alright, though.

dgroundwater3232d ago

Console games should let you customize everything (like The Orange Box).
But D-Pad to steer? Really? Doesn't a slight tilt of the stick to the left make more sense than tapping the D-Pad 3 or 4 times?

tbone4323232d ago

I gota say im really enjoying this game right now.

Datsun 2000GT-R ftw

3232d ago