Team Fortress 2 gets large update

Valve has released a sizable update for their well maintained FPS Team Fortress 2. Changes include Backpack improvement (support for 100 slots), lots of sandvich adjustments and tons of other fixes.

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cupogoodness3231d ago

I just got paid 3 to 1 on a bet that you would be the first to comment on this. He took the field, and he lost. :)

Yi-Long3231d ago

... but what about fixing some of the issues with the console-versions?
On XBL it's just a mess, with all kinds of illegal mods ruining the game.

.. plus when will the XBL-players get some new and extra stuff!?

Myndflyte3231d ago

Valve has said they don't want to release incremental updates on XBL because they don't want to have to charge people for each class update and things like that. I'm sure once all the classes are updated they'll release a huge DLC for 360.

Pandamobile3231d ago

(In 2011)


Hardly anyone plays TF2 on the Xbox. Last time I played TF2 on the 360 it had like 3 open servers. Valve has bigger fish to fry, like the hundred thousand people currently playing TF2 on the PC.

Myndflyte3231d ago

Well yeah, you would never find me playing TF2 on the 360.

VicHyper3231d ago

now if there was only a use for all the dupe items. increased regen on medic is welcomed though.