Just Cause 2 Developer Interview: Quality Has Been the Priority Since the Beginning

"The original Just Cause was released on the Xbox, PS2, 360 and the PC in 2006. The game, developed by Avalanche Studios, was a third person action adventure game with an open world map, a huge map I might add, and a ton of missions. The game received mixed reviews but has gone on to sell more than one million copies. Now Avalanche Studios is preparing to release Just Cause 2 for the PS3, 360 and PC. I was amazed at what I saw of Just Cause 2 at E3 and the game looks amazing. Today, has been blessed with an interview with Mr. Peter Johansson, Senior Game Designer at Avalanche Studios, to talk about Just Cause 2. Enjoy. Click Read more to see the full interview."

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GiantEnemyCrab3110d ago

I loved the first game and will be all over this whenever they decide to release it. The game is looking really good and I can see this "quality" they speak of.