The 360 Needs a Redesign

So, the PS3 Slim just came out. Shwoopdi do. It's essentially the same hardware in a new box. The price drop is a much bigger effect on sales. Etcetera etcetera. NO! Stop being stupid. Redesigning your console half way through its life-cycle is a great idea. Near genius.

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GiantEnemyCrab3232d ago

I've been saying this for some time now. What better way to shake the preconceived notions of RRoD then a redesign. Not only that but people love shiney new things, even if it's just the shell.

I think if MS was to do this it would be more around the launch of Natal.

Shadow Flare3232d ago

Considering its reliability, "Xbox 360 needs a re-design" is the understatement of the freaking decade

NewZealander3232d ago

a redesign would be a great start, MS started this generation in a really strong position, and with some awesome games...but they are on a downward spiral now, i havnt bought one 360 exclusive this year and since getting the ps3 slim my 360 is pretty much untouched and wont be played again until i get assassins creed 2 (cos i perordered it on 360 before getting the slim)

MS need to hype their product, make a slim with with wireless included, and get some new AAA games that actually stay exclusive if they intend to compete with ps3.

dont get me wrong i have had a huge amount of fun with my 360, but ps3 still outclasses 360 massively.

Blaze9293232d ago

Well the Xbox 360+ is rumored to be the "re-launch" of the xbox 360 to really allow consumers to know it is a totally new xbox 360 free of all the previous problems like RROD, E74 whatever. What better way to allow consumers to know that than a redesign? With Natal behind that and the marketing plan they have set up for Natal; that could be the perfect timing/bundle.

RememberThe3573232d ago

that maybe one of the ways that MS has been able to stay profitable is that they don't have the R&D coast that Sony has put into redesigning the PS3. Of course, I don't know how much it cost to redesign a console so I might be WAY of in this thought.

But it is an interesting thought when you consider that the 360 has stay basically the same while the PS3 has been completely redesigned.

But I'm with Crab and the author, I think a Slim 360 would be a great idea. Only as long as if fixes RROD, though.

Microsoft Xbox 3603232d ago

A bigger shell would be a good redesign.

Tachyon_Nova3232d ago

Yup, the 360 has needed a redesign for its entire life span. For those who are too ignorant to realise, design does not merely concern what it looks like. The thing clearly has massive heating issues, the cooling fans are noisy ande the DVD drive is clunky. Whatever you think about its appearance, all of these things should be rectified, but probably won't be seeing as it is a MS product.

Sitdown3232d ago

"but probably won't be seeing as it is a MS product. "

Just out of curiosity, what is MS's track record that makes you believe that they do not regularly rectify issues?

TheAntiFanboy3232d ago

Most of their stuff is reliable and solid. Look at Windows Vist-- AHAHAHAHA I can't finish that sentence with a straight face.

No, but seriously, Microsoft isn't THAT bad, and they DO fix their crap over time. Rate of RRoD's has gone down, the Vista service packs are fantastic, and the remarkably stable Windows 7 is just right around the corner.

Tachyon_Nova3232d ago

@ 1.7

The evidence I present is Windows Vista. The service packs are not at all wonderful, and the OS is still unbeleavably slow to do almost everything. Windows 7 is a big improvement yes, but the point is, you have to buy an all new product (I know it's not technically all new at all, but given the price they are charging, it is as though it is), for them to fix the issues. Therefore, the issues can be seen to take an entire generation to fix.

Relate this back to the Xbox, and you'll find yourself waiting until the Xbox 3 is released for the problems to be fixed.

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patterson3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

I present to you, the newly re-designed XBOX 360 Elite for 2010!

Xi3232d ago

i don't get it.
I mean you could've done something like this.


but instead you completely missed the opportunity to make a relevant joke.

patterson3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

lol Xi that's a pretty good one.

I was going for a more subtle approach.

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Grand Master Yoda3232d ago

The Xbox 360 needs not a redesign. To learn how to make hardware first Microsoft needs. Yes, hmmm.

cpt_kaos3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

Indeed they need lessons in making hardware.

Maybe Microsoft should stop blowing millions on DLC and pay Sony techs for some designing hardware lessons and whilst there learning they may actually work out the design flaws the 360 has and fix it.

3232d ago
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