Console Monster: Guitar Hero 5 Review

Console Monster writes: "There was once a time when Guitar Hero was the outright king of the music rhythm genre, when the only instrument was the fairly sleek Les Paul guitar and the thought of ever having a plastic drum set in our front rooms was unimaginable. This all changed with the release of Rock Band in May 2008, which came with drums and microphone support, revolutionising the genre and taking the crown. In order to compete with Rock Band, Neversoft (the developer of the Guitar Hero series) integrated the same instruments into their title - Guitar Hero: World Tour, released later that year. Regrettably, it didn't match the standards set by Rock Band, though the latest release, Guitar Hero 5, may just have tipped its rival to the post and reclaimed the crown.

To put it simply, Guitar Hero 5 improves upon everything that was wrong with Guitar Hero: World Tour, with the biggest changes occurring in the game's career mode. Possibly the most obvious change is the fact that rather than having a separate career for each instrument, the three have been integrated into just the one, allowing players to use any instrument on any of the tracks listed. Another positive element to come out of the career is how the series has returned to its old ways, with players being able to play tracks individually in the track's specific venue, rather than as a somewhat tedious playlist of four or five, known as a gig..."

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