TGR: Need For Speed: Shift Interview & Hands-On Report

Immersion. That word seemed to sum up the concept that the Need for Speed: Shift reps at a recent Austin press event wanted to hammer into the heads of consumers. From my time spent with the game, Slightly Mad Studios seems well on their way to accomplishing that goal.

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SlamVanderhuge3111d ago

Am I the only one that wants them to go back to the way they were doing it? NFS Most Wanted FTW.

Also...needs FMV.

Haly3111d ago

I want them to go back to the Underground days! I loved those two games

thebudgetgamer3111d ago

but there was one that you could race a a dinasour or a log and many other thing. it was awesome.

a bubble for who can tell me the name.

mr durand pierre3111d ago

Weren't some of the Burnout Paradise team involved in this?