Activison Proud Of How It Gouges Customers Over Pricing

Activison CEO Bobby Kotick has revealed how he turns your $50 purchase of Guitar Hero into a $500 stream of revenue for his company.

Speaking earlier, Kotick had this to say:

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TheDarkCynic3225d ago

Damn them. As much as I hate it all, I'm still going to be buying MW2.

Ziriux3225d ago

What I think activision should do is offer the GH games on demand or if they will put it into stores they should lower the price to reasonable amount, since it is a yearly release of different songs and a lot of times of different songs put together it seems like you're paying for a lot of the same stuff.

PshycoNinja3225d ago

That bastard.

Makes me ashamed I preordered MW2.

Panthers3225d ago

The thing that makes me mad is that Blizzard is now a part of them. I can go without MW2, but I have to get SC2.

Megaton3225d ago

If you must buy it, buy it used so they make nothing off of you.

IdleLeeSiuLung3225d ago

I don't care who makes the game or how they profit as long as it is a good game and a reasonable value. MW2 looks to be worth the $60, but undoubtedly I will pay less for it!

orakga3225d ago

Unfortunately, the money we spend on used games do eventually get funneled back to them (albeit to the lesser degree).

But yeah, buying used DOES give them far less $$ than buying brand new. ;)

jmare3225d ago

What the hell are you talking about? Guitar Hero is almost a bi-monthly release. The numbered versions might be annual, but what about the handheld versions and the band specific versions? Personally, I'm waiting for Guitar Hero: Wham! before I buy another one.

prunchess3225d ago

Activision will not miss my 65 Euro but I'd rather not contribute to the massive profits they'll make from this game. It'll be in the bargain bin used before I shell out any money for this game.

CEOs like Bobby Kotick will kill console gaming. This constant gouging of gamers will eventually have them look elsewhere for their on-line gaming.

There was a time that when you bought a game you got the complete game now you only get half of it and should you want the other half you'll have to pay again. We can thank CEOs like Bobby Kotick for this

Whichever company employee that kicked off this paying for DLC deserves a kick in their block and tackle! (two kicks for Bobby Kotick)

HammockGames3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Granted, most corporate big wigs are money grubbing pricks who are out to line their pockets - and their investors' - with as much green as possible.

But what stuns me is how the stuff that should stay behind closed corporate doors seems to make its way to daylight every time with this guy. Good thing he doesn't work for the Pentagon.

I'm with Xiphos. I'll pluck a used copy of MW2 off e-bay.

chaosatom3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

I can see that people in Europe will boycott because of high price, but the price is same in US.

I think we all forget that MW2 is made by IW, Activision is just publishing it. Graphics might not exceed the first one by miles, but they have made numerous improvements to gameplay.

COD is still one of the fine shooters out there.

Poopface the 2nd3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

but I do think the multiplayer will be alot of fun.

I have never and will never play any guitar game because I dont find it fun. My old roomates used to play it and it seemed to me each person would just pick a few songs and play them over and over again. Ill buy a copy of parappa the rapper if I wanna press buttons to sounds.

Bobby Kotex3225d ago

GH is a drug, and I'm the pusher.

ReservoirDog3163225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Why doesn't everyone who hates activision but wants to play mw2 do what I'm gonna do?

Just buy it used.

They get no profit from that and you still get to play the game. Everyone that matters wins.

thorstein3225d ago

Should be fired. It would be good for stock prices! I want the company I invest in to make money, not piss off its customer base.

Sarcasm3225d ago

I think Kotick has finally done it.

He's won the Douchiest of all Douche bag awards ever.

Second Place:
- Yoichi Wada

Runner Ups:
- Aaron Greenberg
- Gabe Newell

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ajcadoo3225d ago

mw2 ftw! this doesnt change my perspective

Ziriux3225d ago

We all know that MW 2 will at least be worth its fine price.

Ziriux3225d ago

Yea, MW 2 will be great, but GH is simply over milked. Haven't bought one since GH III and won't but another, and of course same goes for Rock Band, after I got the first one. As far as Call of Duty goes, it has enough difference to buy the game every year, it may be small different but it's some.

Fullish3225d ago

At least they are happy about it.

butterfinger3225d ago

be proud of what you're good at, right?

Saaking3225d ago

I hate Activision. They have sunk almost as deep as MS.

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