10 great Japan-only PSN games and how to download them

GamesRadar writes:

"North American gamers have it pretty good. We pay less for our games and often see them on store shelves earlier than our European and Oceanic counterparts. We're spoiled, really. But despite our privileged geographic position, we always want more. We envy Japanese gamers, the ones who play the real thing on day one and don't have to wait for the localization of highly anticipated titles like Final Fantasy XIII.

Luckily, times have changed. Digital distribution means that we don't always have to wait for physical copies of Japanese imports we want to play. The Japanese PlayStation Network Store is filled with titles that have not yet appeared on the American one. The following is a list of some of our favorite Japan-only PSN games. But first, let's begin with a detailed guide to help you get online and playing right away."

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ChozenWoan3104d ago

I'm interested in this game as I sometimes find myself tired of always shooting and destroying everything around me. I've been gaming for nearly 30 years and I've had my share of destruction. Sometimes I just want to create and build something positive and peaceful... 100% no kidding or sarcasm intended.