Halo 3 Developer Walkthrough and Film Sharing Feature

Here are three new videos of the Halo 3 Beta. In them the multiplayer designer runs through the multiplayer, and the film sharing feature.

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Lygre3967d ago

That last video was nice. It looks real easy to save replays of the matches, upload them to your shared folder, recomending them to friends or watching your friend's videos.

This might be the best replay function of any game to date...and it's a console game!

GameJunkieJim3967d ago

Myth: The Fallen Lords and Myth II: Soulblighter both had open view replay saves. It's a great feature so far.

HELLFIREV13967d ago

Just imagine whooping someones ass then sending them the replay.

Texas GMR3967d ago

Even if these graphics are the exact same as the final build, I still think they look good and would still purchase the game without a doubt.

Premonition3967d ago

Pretty cool video, Just wished they had more people playing in that video, and more use of other weapons.