Wii $199 an aggressive tactic vs. PS3, Xbox 360

Nintendo Co. hasn't publicly commented on a $50 price cut for the best-selling Wii console – and it may not have to. A leaked circular that disclaims a price cut for Wii to $199 has revealed what could be an aggressive tactic by Nintendo to retain leadership status in the console wars.

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cmrbe2892d ago

are dropping their price. They are still selling a crapload more than competition at current price.

Mabey Nin has a 16 million target this year. It's the only reason why they would cut price.

KionicWarlord2222892d ago

But they are not selling more then the competition at the moment . And the competition at the moment is ps3 .

If this is true this is great for nintendo .

I really think that maybe next year the wii hd will be out .

cmrbe2892d ago

i didn't notice that Konic. The world must be coming to an end lol!. Man, you shouldn't have only 7 bubbles.

2892d ago
SmokingMonkey2892d ago

I don't think there is a family out there that has been waiting around for the Wii to drop $50?!

Now the PS3, that is another story. People HAVE been waiting around for it to drop.

Gr812892d ago

Is so wrong. Nintendo hasn't relinquished the top crown in this gens "console wars."

Price cuts are not going to give a sustained boost. Look at the Slim its already dropped over 60% in one week.

Software is a stronger mover of hardware than price cuts will ever hope to be.

cmrbe2892d ago

but i wonder if it can last the distance though.

MajestieBeast2892d ago

Ye and we know nintendo has very good software and soccer moms dont just buy it for wiifit/sarcasm

Gr812892d ago

So what exactly is your point? Or am I correct in believing you have none.

TooTall192892d ago (Edited 2892d ago )

he is saying that Nintendo has kicked their loyal fans in the crotch this gen. The software just isn't up to par this gen, with the exception of about 5 games. Sales does not equal quality. I gave my wii away after I beat Mario and Twilight Princess

Gr812892d ago

The ones like you who sold the Wii after you beat Mario and Zelda? Or the loyal fans who snubbed the gamecube?

I've been quite content with Nintendo's offerings this gen.

TooTall192892d ago

on a system and accessories to enjoy only a handful of good/great first party games (Mario, Zelda, and Metroid). I consider someone that makes that much of an investment to be a loyal fan. I didn't sell it either. It was given to a friend, and since then I haven't had a reason to miss it.

Suga Shane2892d ago

As I read TooTalls comments it leads me to belive that he is one of the "Loyal Nintendo fans" that actually never owned a Wii in the first place but feel saying he did gives him the right to complain about the system. Arius Dion described him as well as 80% of the members of this site perfectly.

@teraclusterx- I had no idea that World at War 2 was in devolopment! Are pre-orders being accepted? You Fail......get the picture?

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CryWolf2892d ago

If this is true then its Awesome from anybodys stand point it makes me think about getting a Wii now.