Koku Gamer: Colin McRae DiRT2 Review

Koku Gamer writes: "Dirt 2 is a beautiful driving experience, with lush terrain the sharp reflections on cars and puddles just showing off the brilliant lighting engine in the game. Most tracks look almost realistic, and not many games can boast that. The feeling you get when driving in cockpit view, as you hit a muddy puddle and the windshield is covered for a few seconds, is just breathtaking. The damage is also very well done, and can make your car react differently as the race wears on. The audio is great from the engine back firing to the gear changing, and the soundtrack is of a good standard with artist's like The Prodigy and Block Party."

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TheDarkCynic3231d ago

Really excited after reading this review. Didn't pick up DiRT 1, but this game looks a little too spectacular to pass up.

Ziriux3231d ago

You can find DiRT for dirt cheap these days, I highly suggest you take the opportunity to play a wonderful franchise my sir.

poindat3231d ago

Yeah, the original was really down to earth. DiRT can really stand on its ground; it has survived well through the erosion of time.

I'm sorry for that, people. Really, I am. :|

RedDeadLB3231d ago

A great game, but of course, no money = no or very few games.. Uncharted 2 it is for me..

Shade3603231d ago

Hmm I was hoping this game would suck, since I'm skint at the moment... oh well... guess thats what cards are for!

Elven63231d ago

Codemasters has a real winner on their hands, lets hope sales match.

Ziriux3231d ago

Yea sales have been doing good from looking and charts, but than again, it's not been officially two weeks yet, so we'll have to see. NFS Shift is looking great, it'll have to share the market with an amazing array of racing titles.

ajcadoo3231d ago

this game looks so awesome. i want it so bad!

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The story is too old to be commented.