Pachter's Podium: Why Wii HD is a 'Must,' Xbox 360's Third Place Finish This Holiday and More

IndustryGamers writes:

"Here we are again for the latest in our exclusive monthly Q&A called "Pachter's Podium."

This time we cover some very interesting ground with the Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst. Here's the agenda:

* Why Nintendo 'must' launch a Wii HD
* Can PS3 take first place this holiday?
* Why does Madden on Wii keep failing?
* What does iPod Touch mean for the games business?
* Can the new trade-in program at Toys 'R' Us put a dent in GameStop?"

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IzKyD13313201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

The stories with this idiot's opinions should be filed under "Fake", "Lame", "Old" and "Spam" all at the same time.

imnotgoodtenglish3201d ago

I cant wait for the next bonus round with patcher about the console war.

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AEtherbane3201d ago

I like Patcher, because he is such a realist in the gamming community, i feel no bias from him.

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