GameSpy: Need for Speed: Shift Review

GameSpy writes: "Notably absent from Shift: the redacted Gs and too-cool-by-half characters so prevalent in contemporary EA sports titles. You won't be tradin' or grindin' or crashin' anymore, and the conspicuous branding and self-defeating trend-chasing that brought us Fight Night Round 3's Burger King(TM) Brand Whopper(TM) Hits Man-Smashing Exhibition and turned Need for Speed: ProStreet into an obnoxious MTV commercial are gone. Shift definitely isn't that game, and with any luck, Need for Speed is no longer that franchise".

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Milky3051d ago

Dayum! I had no idea it was this good.

Dutch Boogie3051d ago

meh the game is good but not worth 5/5.

if this is the case i wonder what they'll give GT5 20/5?