Nintendo needs to remember what made them this generations #1 in sales

"You have to understand that Nintendo is not focusing on the hardcore this generation. Its focus is on expanding the gaming market to demographics that did not used to play video games. That is Nintendo's battle, not Sony or Microsoft."

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Product3225d ago

Software is the key to Nintendo selling more consoles i believe.

PhDInParapsychology3225d ago

Consumers will decide the value based on the price of the Wii. A lower price to a consumer signifies that Nintendo has devalued their system. Why would I buy a product that the producer feels needs to be devalued? When I bought a Wii the 360 and the PS3 were not even options because they were not offering the same experience as Wii. They still don't. I love that experience from launch at $250 and to this day it is still worth $250 to me. Its unfortunate that Nintendo no longer agrees.

darthv723225d ago

I find it funny how the article (blog) can state that nintendo doesnt need the price cut and that they are not competing with ms and sony. They can say that and some may think that but in reality they are all competing for the same thing. Consumer $$$.

If I was to comment on just the title, it make no sense at all. Nintendo is all about casual gaming and that is what made them #1 and guess still is. How would that be considered them NOT remembering what made them #1?

A price cut would only add to the competition for consumer spending. To think it a bad idea is pure assinine. All three companies can see market recession as a reason to try and cut prices and stimulate the industry. It isnt always about company gains. It could be about market expansion and that comes at a price which usually means selling at a loss for as long as it takes to gain market share.

The rule of thumb is revenue is generated by the sale of content (games) not the means of playing the content. That is why the cost of players for dvd and blu have dropped significantly while the media has not.

Panthers3225d ago

Casual consumers do not do to much research into games and eventually they will get sick of buying shovelware and minigames. Nintendo needs to make sure that games on their platform are up to snuff.

SpoonyRedMage3225d ago

Nintendo should go back to the way they were in the Gamecube games when they sold less than all the systems have already sold this gen...

no but really, Nintendo should keep doing what their doing and just keep making more games.Third Parties need to pick up the slack though.

Product3225d ago

Third parties do need to pick up slack and bring their A game instead of their third string.

SpoonyRedMage3225d ago

Yes, no more Resi rail shooters, that's what House of the Dead is for. They should give us a Resi 4 style one or even just a classic style one.

I think of major importance though is that publishers need to make their game known to the public. Even on the this website we only really hear about US release dates so I'm hardly ever sure when new games are being released in the UK. I was shocked when there was an article about mediocre debut sales for the Conduit in the UK because I didn't even know it was out!

knox3225d ago

third parties are fine, they are getting better every year......people need to stop complaining when crystal chronicles, silent hill, tmnt smash up, darkside chronicles, and a lot more are coming in this year alone

knox3225d ago

and people need to stop telling nintendo what to do to, i see an article like every month from some site that is like nintendo needs to do this, nintendo needs to do that

SpoonyRedMage3225d ago

Well Square Enix, Capcom and Ubisoft are a few of the rare third parties that actually intended to support the Wii from the start. There is also a lot of great games coming this year(Crystal Bearers FTW).

But there's still a lot of room for third parties to step into and the Wii could still do with a lot more support. For instance only the Wii is not getting an Assassin's Creed game this year. Even the iphones getting one!

Product3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

@ Knox aka Big V
"and people need to stop telling nintendo what to do to, i see an article like every month from some site that is like nintendo needs to do this, nintendo needs to do that."

You do realize that you are telling people how they "need" to stop telling Nintendo what they "need" to do, right?

Optical_Matrix3225d ago

Why should 3rd parties pick up the slack and blow huge amounts of money on quality titles the majority of the Wii's demographic don't even buy, let alone acknowledge the existence of.
Nintendo shot themselves in the foot good and proper in terms of 3rd party support by practically ignoring the hardcore demographic. They ignore us, we ignore their console (I've owned one since launch though mind you).

SpoonyRedMage3225d ago

Woo totally ignore my top comment and also ignore the fact that the N64 and Gamecube didn't have much third party support either, in fact the Wii is getting better third party support.

How have Nintendo ignored you by the way, there's a Mario, Metroid, Zelda, Fire Emblem, Punch Out, Mario Kart, Animal Crossing and Super Smash Bros. game on the Wii and upcoming they have Pikmin 3, the true Zelda Wii, Metroid: Other M, Sin and Punishment 2, Span Smasher, Line Attack Heroes, Monado and Super Mario Galaxy 2 and New Super Mario Bros. Wii and there's two new upcoming Factor 5 games and rumours of games like Star Fox and Kid Icarus being made. That's a lot when you think about it...

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Feral Gamer3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Well today I bought a DSi. This article seems to forget the sales power of the DS and DSi. It's a huge seller worldwide and it has some pretty sweet games. I also ordered Scribblenauts! I have to look up another game to buy.

In response to "why hasn't the DS received a price cut in 4 years" (from the article) The answer is obvious. They released 3 versions of the DS. The phat, the slim, and now the DSi. They release a new version instead of dropping the price. The Wii hasn't changed. It's due for a price cut especially with the competition dropping their prices.

Furthermore the DSi has no competition. Sure there's the PSP, however it's in a class by itself. The DS(i) has software for the entire family, including hardcore games. However the PSP is mainly a hardcore portable. Both the PSP and DS have their own markets. People buy them for their respective games. They're not in direct competition because the DS has Nintendo first party games and the PSP has their Sony titles.

Product3225d ago

You keep forgetting the ds gets a price hike every time it releases itself lol.

kingme713225d ago

The author fails to look at all angles of the equation. Sure the Wii can attract non gamers better then their competitors, but as a consumer you expect the price to go down as production costs go down. This is how MS and Sony are able to drop prices. There has been a dip in sales of the Wii, to spur sales a price drop is a good solution. By lowering the price of the Wii, you are making it more attractive to those people shopping for the holidays, thrifty customers waiting for a price drop or those spur of the moment shoppers that might buy one seeing the price is low and the Wii is finally available on shelves.

iceman063225d ago the cost of Nintendo's already HUGE profit margin. Nintendo was probably the only new console that was making money on system sales right off the bat. MS has been for about a year now and Sony is STILL trying to break even on production costs versus sales price. All of this to say, Nintendo has over 50 million customers already....each coming with a profit in a system sell...before we talk about software profits. That means HUGE money for Nintendo. That means that they are NOT in any danger of going broke...selling as much as MS and Sony put together means that the market penetration is just fine. Appealing to non-gamers means that even shovelware will stand a puncher's chance in sales. Nintendo is in the position that they don't have to panic as much about declining hardware sales. All that they really have to do is keep delivering the same types of games that have made the Wii sell.

---opinion brought to you by a lover of gaming...owner of PS3------

Shnazzyone3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

that maybe nintendo is cutting the price because it want's to make it easier for core gamers who bailed to get back on board. Nintendo has a killer core lineup coming lately and they have lost alot of core support. While the price drop is a bonus for casuals it really is probably more geared to get back the core gamers it lost.

BTW people are stupid to ask nintendo to drop it to 150... that is actually lower then their brand new portable system they just released. Which makes no sense at all. That would make the home system take sales from the dsi, nintendos newest investment. 199 is just right and was probably part of their plan all along.

Besides, it will make all the HD whiners cry as they are forced to buy the system again to play all the awesome wii is getting. Let that be a lesson to never sell a current gen system, it's going to keep getting games reguardless of your bias so your better off keeping it then missing out.

TheBand1t3225d ago (Edited 3225d ago )

Or this "HD whiner" will just continue to purchase games for his HD system and not envious of another console's lineup, much like I would expect Wii only gamers to be content with their system and not be envious of another console's game lineup.

You're not making me want a Wii at all by continuously talking smack about HD systems.

Shnazzyone3225d ago

Is I don't spend any time on 360 or ps3 channels and only on the wii channels. The only presence i see from most HD gamers is them whining about every single game we get here. Then they whine about every sales push wii gets and they whine about... damn they just whine!! I like what i've got and i'm just serving as defense to all the kids who troll articles for the systems they say they don't own.

My statement above is mostly directed to them. Not to people who like their games and systems and don't bother running to every article for the competing systems to #itch and moan.

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