Microsoft Funds PS3 Game Development

Responding to the complaints of Xbox 360 Tales of Vesperia beta testers, a developer has laid bare the not so shocking truth of just how Namco was paid off by Microsoft to secure an "exclusive" release, but instead merely used the Xbox subsidy to reduce development costs on the PS3 version, which it expected to sell better.

However, Sony intervened and blackmailed them into adding massive amounts of new content if they wanted to be allowed to go ahead with the PS3 release at all…

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-EvoAnubis-2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Interesting read, and goes back to what I said yesterday about feeling bad for 360 gamers.

To reiterate:

You know, this is making me feel bad for 360 gamers. I'm just thinking of how pissed I'd be to be playing a game that's good, but clearly needs work, but dealing with it, and then later on hearing about it coming out on another system with massive updates.

This isn't even the first time. Or the second, or even the third. It's a freaking trend. It kinda sucks for 360-only gamers (hell, even multiconsole owners, just to a lessor degree), but I don't see a way around it. All these additions to the PS3 version all centers around one thing: space. As in, the thing that the DVD9 format in the 360 doesn't have, but the PS3s Blu-Ray format has in spades.

As much as many of us have been saying this was going to happen, it sucks now to actually see it. 360 gamers are getting screwed, and it's only going to get worse from here

MisterNiwa2898d ago

Its not our fault that they brag about their exclusives, and get this in the end.

I see no reason why i should feel sorry for a Xbox Owner, if his exclusive was soooo gooood, why do we always get the better updated version? :]

kratos1232898d ago

However, Sony intervened and blackmailed them into adding massive amounts of new content if they wanted to be allowed to go ahead with the PS3 release at all… this is really smart busnisses i am really not getting how microsoft is makin a profit out of this gen.

gamerdude112898d ago

My BS detector is going off on this article. The unnamed/sourced "developer" basically writes like your typical fanboy. If it wasn't for the nude anime, I probably wouldn't have clicked the link.

-EvoAnubis-2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Uh...he WAS sourced. Did you actually read the article?

Edit: here, I even did the work for you.

raztad2898d ago

Extremely funny stuff in this article. Probably the same thing happened with NGS2, SO4. Most probably Gay Tony is funding Agent. LOL

It's incredible MS is supporting PS3 games. First funding and second beta testing them.

Jamegohanssj52898d ago

I heard that Sony has made it so that all 360 timed exclusives have to come with something extra if they want to release it on PS3 at all.

To kind of sort of back up my statement look at Bioshock, Tale of Ves, Alone in The Dark, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, etc. Just to name a few.


D4RkNIKON2898d ago

I agree, although you can still bite my shiny metal @**

jut4202898d ago

I just think this is hilarious to be honest. 1-2 years later Microsoft is now paying for their greedyness of taking mulitplatform games away from Playstation. It serves them right in my opinion. Go out and acquire your own studios and make your own original IP's instead of funding third-party developers. Maybe MS will learn from this. Sony has ever right to demand extra content in the game. Sony knows gamers will feel like the PS3 will seem like a second rate console if PS3 is getting ports of 360 games a year to two later with little to no improvements. I'd do the same thing if I was in Sony's position.

edgeofblade2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Learn what, jut420? That strategy is what put them where they are.

As an Xbox owner, I don't feel bad. I really don't care about what's exclusive and what's not. I have all 6 platforms (3 consoles, 2 handhelds, and a sweet PC). I play whatever I want.

I'm glad to see more gamers get access to games. I'm glad to see companies able to profit from multiplatform games. I'm glad to see continuing competition in the market.

But you have to recognize that Microsoft's and eventually Namco's money is theirs to do with as they please. Microsoft got what they wanted: limited exclusivity and the continuing image of being where the games hit first. I know the PS3 fans want to wave the flag everytime this happens... but allow me to resurrect the ugly side of this situation: waitstation.

evrfighter2898d ago

It's interesting to see that ps3 fanboys believe that there is this huge rivalry between Sony and M$

like I've said countless times here already.

M$'s only rival is Apple. Sony makes windows laptops ffs.

TotalPS3Fanboy2898d ago

And thank you 360 gamers, for beta testing the games for us

cmrbe2898d ago

there is no one to blame but themselves.

I am amazed at how low x360 gamers standards are. Look i am sorry but thats the way i see it. Even with crap games like Lost planet it sold 2 million copies for crying out loud.

PS fans are accused of being whinny but the truth is we generally have very high standards and we don't settle for anything less which is why most of us make a big fuss if we see something that we don't like even if its something small. Thats the way its suppose to be. We are gamers and we demand the best. The gaming industry exists because of us. NOT the other way around.

My point is, x360 fans are easy targets because they have low standards. It is why devs and MS has been able to get away with so much crap. It is their fault for accepting it. I mean i talk to them about PROD and they say "Oh but the 3 year warrenty". I talk to them about MS needing to invest more in 1st and 2nd party and they say "Oh but its fine as is, it dosen't matter if exclsuive are 1,2, or 3rd party. I talk to them about paying for xbolive and they say "Oh but we love paying for xbolive!!" WTF??. It really does make me think that they are young gamers that don't know they deserve better.

There is no way in hell Sony would have gotten away with a 33% failure rate with PS fans. If it was PS fans Sony would have been in court and they would have fixed it a year ago but then thats PS fans. We don't accept crap.

randomwiz2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

who has the popcorn?

"M$'s only rival is Apple. Sony makes windows laptops ffs."

you are a fool to think that.
that logic and reasoning is childish.

Microsoft's biggest rival isn't just Apple. Microsoft faces Sony, Google(with Bing, email, OS for phones), etc

blackpanther252898d ago

i wasn't going to say anything in this article, but i saw your comment.........and i am so happy I am not the only who was disappointed with Lost Planet (i had it for the 360)


Tony P2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

I don't find it too funny at all.

But in the end MS is ultimately at fault. I'm not going to say there's a right way to do business here, but there's the way that worked wonders for Sony, Sega, and Nintendo for decades now which is a strong staff of, you guessed it, first-party studios. How hard would it have been to enlist some good Japanese talent to support 360 exclusively in Japan instead of just giving out cash for timed exclusivity?


That's pretty inglorious of you to frame your bias as high class. It's anything but imo.

PotNoodle2898d ago

Its a policy of Sony's that if a previous exclusive game to another system is coming over to the PS3 it MUST have a certain amount of extra content or it doesn't get approved.

It isn't blackmail, its just sony making sure their users get something for the wait.

Darkeyes2898d ago

So... What's new in this??? I already knew M$ was paying for making PS3 games when RockStar announced Agent as a PS3 Exclusive... We all know Rock* got a hefty 50 million check from M$.. Guess where they invested the money in?????

Zack Sawyer2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

A massive generalization there but ok.

Playstation fans were totally screwed when it came to backwards compatibility this generation, thats not exactly Sony giving you the best.

I do feel as though Sony has brought out its 'A' game at the minute leaving MS struggling to bring anything big to the table. If the 360 is running out of steam already then i'm very disappointed. Where are all the big announcements like they used to have at E3?

IdleLeeSiuLung2898d ago

"Microsoft (you won’t release it on other hardware for a year or similar), they will give you a lot of cash for development.

Their support is also very fast and complete in these cases.

SCE don’t really give much cash out (any at all perhaps). Their support is confused and unreliable. When I was doing it at least, the 360 was easier to develop for, which lowers costs."

Nobody wins! It seems like we are all looser this gen, both for the companies involved and the consumers.

Parapraxis2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Zack "Playstation fans were totally screwed when it came to backwards compatibility this generation, thats not exactly Sony giving you the best."
Not really, Sony put out several SKUs with full BC and then a few more with partial.
If PS fans wanted BC they most likely already have a BC PS3 under their TVs right now (as I do)

blackpanther252898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

BC was around for a while anybody who really wanted it when it came out. As a matter of fact my cousin bought a ps3 last year off of craigslist because he wanted BC.

It's not sony fualt that it was removed....not enough people cared for BC at that time (y everyone is complaining like babies now i don'k know). Sony removed it because people wanted a cheaper console and didn't care for BC so those people are to blame.

If you bought your PS3 after they removed BC then you and other people like you are directly responsible for Sony removing the feature. If there was a higher demand for PS3s before they removed BC then afterwards......then they would have brought it back immediately.Demand and Supply......

@Tony: Well that's how personally feel about the Whole BC thing. You can not lie....At that time people did not care for BC. They put it in there and people only wanted a price else were they gonna lower the price? They had to remove features people didn't care about....just like how they removed installing a OS into the Slim (people don't care for least right now...not cause of money i might add). The price was lowered and the BC was removed and hardly anybody complained. I had the opportunity to buy a 40gb that had no BC but i decided not to what till the next day (launch day for non BC PS3s) and bought the 60gb

Tony P2898d ago

I beg to differ.

Compared to last gen, Sony is not great with BC. As evidenced by the fact that typically only early adopters have the 'fabled' PS2 BC for PS3. That's far short of the full BC we've come to expect.

Of course, I'd be unfair to ignore MS which has had a pretty crap showing themselves in regards to BC. The end result is neither are really making any progress right now on that front.

@black: Honestly, I don't know how you blame everyone for not buying PS3 for the removal of BC. If that's true, what's the excuse now that PS3 has been selling stronger? I don't see Sony teasing BC in the slim or anything. I'm thinking it wasn't that cost effective in the first place. And that's hardly the consumer's fault.

AntoineDcoolette2898d ago

If any of that article is true then big lol

cmrbe2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Sony did a survey and most PS fans choose price over BC. Sony listened. Truth is apart from 3 PS2 games. I haven't played any PS2 games on the PS3 since 2008. Many PS3 gamers are in the same boat as me. Most of us hardcore PS3 gamers have BC anyways so no one really did complain. Its kinda nice to know that we have the best model anyways. Heck most of us paid double what new PS3 owners pay now.

@Tony. Believe it or not i do care for x360 gamers. We are all gamers in the end but i can't help but not feel anything for them for being easy. Its affect PS fans as well. If gamers don't put devs and console manufactures on their toes they will walk all over us. Thats reality. I have very high standards. Thats why most of my game collection are PS3 exclusives and why i never back down from an issue affecting me as a PS fan. If you think i am biased because of that then thats fine. Oh and its is x360 fans fault for allowing MS to get off so easily.

@Ashriel: Generally yes. Why do you think games like Orange box or Bioschsock didn't do well on the PS3?. Bring quality and PS fans will buy. Thats the way it suppose to be. Don't give PS fans some second rate BS. Sony and Namco understands this. Crap shouldn't sell.

Ashriel2898d ago

@cmrbe, so you justify low sales with high standards? lool at your generalisations xD

I'm glad the majority of PS3 fans (and gamers, in general) are not as arrogant as you are.

gaffyh2898d ago

@1.7 - Yea you are right, it is a requirement of Sony's for a late release on PS3 for a multiplatform game. Not blackmailing, just good sense really, why would you buy an old game over a year later?

On topic - I'm pretty sure EVERYONE expected this was happening, do you really think it cost Rockstar $25 million for each of the DLCs? Engine, graphics, audio was all pretty much done.

coolirisGB2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

"ll these additions to the PS3 version all centers around one thing: space. As in, the thing that the DVD9 format in the 360 doesn't have, but the PS3s Blu-Ray format has in spades."

LOL Devs have done this with old games late to one platform before Blu-ray and have done this for generations lol.

PS3's hardware is rubbish thats the so called "trend" hence the game will most likely not run as good with inferior graphics. They'll add new content to make an old game appealing on the other platform, I'm not going to say Blu-ray won't help.

Watch Lost Planet 2, Rage, Crysis 2 will show early day differences because of the advanced engines. Devs also add more content to late PS3 versions because the 360 pulls ahead no matter the lead platform and people need to know there is some value to buying old inferior games.

RememberThe3572898d ago

You guys sound like tittle girls. cmrbe says the 360 owners basically have no standard, and you guys counter with "the PS3 doesn't have good BC"? You really need to do better then that.

To me it seems as thought yes PS gamers have higher standards. But saying PS gamers or 360 gamers is inherently general. So of course his comment is going to be generalized.

Besides this is about MS playing for PS3 development. Not general gamer standards.

SWORDF1SH2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

If people want to still play last gen ps2 games then they simply keep their ps2.

Whats the point in selling it on e-bay for next to nothing.

And you can use youre ps2 controllers on the ps3 with an adapter to save money on buying new controllers. You might as well use a last gen controllers if youre gonna play last gen games.

edit: @Zack. I said if you want to play ps2 games then keep you're ps2. if you dont then there's no worry for BC.

Zack Sawyer2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Woah woah woah! Wait a minute here! What about all of these late PS3 adopters who had a PS2 and were waiting for the price cut & slim to jump to the next generation? Hardcore fans like yourselves may have been knowledgeable enough to go and get one of the early models with BC but what about all the casual gamers who were expecting it to come with the slim?

I have seen plenty of gamers on here and stories before the slim was released saying they wanted it to contain BC. When they dropped BC on the later larger models there were numerous stories of gamers complaining! If everybody is whining now its because all of the PS2 users buying slims thought like the PS2 it would have BC.

Obviously price would come before it but Sony cant do a survey on every single gamer out there now can they, so how did they know that nobody cared about BC anymore? Perhaps instead they thought they could provide enough with what is there now to make people forget about it. But in this regard I still believe they screwed us over.

And hang on, are you saying because you bought an earlier model with BC that you are superior to me? Now THAT is arrogance!

EDIT:@SWORDF1SH - True, I'm more than content playing the awesome games out now, but then I'm not everyone. Which is kinda what this whole arguement is about, people generalising.

WenisWagon2898d ago

Xbots: Haha we got this exclusive game for Xbox 360 !!!
PStards: Who cares the game is going to suck !!!

PStards: Haha we are getting this game with more content its gonna rock !!!
Xbots: Who cares the game was bad !!!

What a bunch of chimps these fanboys are.