Hi-Score - Top Ten Baddies......With a Twist

After the success of the last Top Ten with a twist (platformers) It's time to bring you another edition, This time it's enemies in videogames. The ten writers taking part this month were told to choose their favourite bad guy, anything from Goombas to Emerald Weapon, from Grunts to Wesker. Each of them chose their entry and wrote what they felt about the baddie in question.

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Haly3229d ago

Some great choices of bad guys there! Shocking omission of Wesker though, and Sephiroth :o

shoinan3229d ago

They're both in any other list ever made.

Haly3229d ago

True, but there's a good reason why Wesker's always there!
Sephiroth is too predictable though, you're right.

MovieScouse0073179d ago

Where are the Helghast?
The best bad guys in any game, IMHO.