MIG: Top 5 FPS Series Of All Time

MyInsideGamer writes:

"The First Person Shooter genre has rapidly increased in quality and quantity over the years. It is now one, if not the most popular genre in video games. many series' have emerged from the craze - and here is our top five!"

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vflhp3231d ago

Yeah, it's a great series alright!

Timesplitter143231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

I puked when I saw COD and Halo were higher than Half-Life and Unreal Tournament

vflhp3231d ago

Why would you puke, they're both amazing series and higher in the list that UT and Half Life

Timesplitter143231d ago

Saying those two beat Half-Life and UT is like saying Soulja Boy beats Chopin

Madgunner3231d ago

F**k yeah! MOH:AA best fps of all time... *^*[BSS]*^* Best clan in the whole entire game

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3231d ago
vflhp3231d ago

Good article, but I'm unsure of the last two - Quake should have been in there.

VicHyper3231d ago

you can't have "top fps" and "of all time" in the same sentence without mentioning at least 1 id game, lol.

edgeofblade3231d ago (Edited 3231d ago )

I'd trade Medal for Battlefield in a heartbeat.

And honestly, anyone who challenges Halo's place in this list has no clue. That's like saying Dragon Quest isn't in the list of all time top RPGs. Or Battlestar Galactica isn't in the list of top sci-fi TV shows. Or Lasagna isn't in the list of top Italian food. SURE you can find something "better" and even have a defensible position, but you're in denial if you think it's not a highly significant development in the history of First Person Shooters.

Alcon Caper3231d ago

Quake is the godfather of the modern shooters. This list is MOOT

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3231d ago
vflhp3231d ago

OWNED - you have a serious problem LoL

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The story is too old to be commented.