Edge Does Misleading Title About PS3 Slim Sales

From GameNewser: "Controversy just follows Edge wherever it happens, and it happened again. A recent article titled "Japan: Weekly PS3 Sales Drop To 57,000" tells of the slowdown Famitsu publisher Enterbrain predicts (the real numbers will appear when Media Create releases them on Friday). It's not that the numbers are or aren't correct. It's that in the face of an anti-PS3 agenda that Edge (and its right arm Eurogamer) are accused of having, they forget to mention that it's not only the PS3 that got the slowdown prediction, but ALL game consoles suffered slowdown.

Too bad for Edge, because, at least in this instance, the accusation has some mustard behind it."

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Vicodin3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

Not sure it really matters. I don't know anyone who visits Edge or even hear them mentioned except every once in a great while where everyone laughs at one of their 'reviews'.

A long time ago before most gaming websites started up and people had Net access, the physical magazine was very popular because it was large and had large amounts of screenshots of games.

But that was a long time ago. Now they are just another irrelevant gaming media site. The infamous:

Cons: -2 pts PS3 Exclusive

At the start of this gen one of the Edge staff actually came right out and stated in a forum post that, yes, they do review PS3 games on a harsher scale.

The only thing of any interest about the cesspool of a gaming site is that they still have angry and hardcore Xbox fans working for them. Almost every other gaming site has long since fired or gotten rid of those type of people long ago.

You have to wonder what compels someone to want to spend their lives spewing hate for Sony at a site like Edge. It hasn't made a bit of difference. The PS3 is third fastest selling console ever. The Slim is selling like mad. PS3 exclusives dominate in graphics and number.

gamerdude113140d ago

Anyone with even a remote interest on console sales in Japan would know that 57k a week in Japan is enormous. I think the OP is just being a bit too sensitive.

mastiffchild3140d ago

With Edge it's getting increasingly more like a little bias against Sony as they just seem to be vey picky at their exclusives(and mark them way lower than other sites do)right now. I know games like Mass Effect scored poorly but the slamming of a PS3 exclusive is a Lot more common and I can only recall them bring really fair to LBP.

I knew they'd become very much addicted to the help they get from flaming for hits but til recently I wouldn't have guessed they were biased at all. They have some talent among their ranks too which makes sacrificing credibility for hits even more sad.

Cannot wait for the mag review of U2 where they say it's nowhere near as good as Nuts and Bolts or PDZ!

thedisagreefairy3140d ago

doesnt matter to hardly anyone out of the U.K.

so my question is...Is Edge even big in Britain?

Keowrath3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

I used to buy it monthly when it first released (that must be about 15 years ago now). It's been Nintendo Biased since day dot and that got old pretty early on. Can't say I've really picked up the mag or been interested in it for about 10 years. Oh tell a lie, they did a MGS4 special with an interview with kojima a few years ago and I picked it up then.

This generation though they seem to pull all the stops out for being a bunch of idiots. They do that pretty damn well!

Half the bloody mag is adverts anyway.

redsquad3140d ago

I bought EDGE from issue #1 (whenever that was - I remember reading the review for ALIEN Vs PREDATOR on the Atari Jaguar so it must be going back a bit!) but gave up after four or five issues because they were so far up themselves it hurt. None of my local newsagents carry themag anymore...

Dutch Boogie3140d ago

Edge are one of the many scum of the gaming world. False articles, low ps3 exclusive review scores and inconsistency. Who ever takes them seriously is.....

cmrbe3140d ago

I honestly don't know what Sony did to these guys to make them so angry as Sony.

Lookbehind3140d ago

They still blame sony for killing the "The Dreamcast" just like all the other x-box crowd.