Uncharted 2 Demo is Live in US

It's time to engage in a demo experience that'll never be surpassed. Plug in that GameStop/EBGames code from your voucher or email, and begin downloading the Uncharted 2 demo.

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_MidNight_3171d ago

Downloading as we speak. This is going to be epic.

Delta3171d ago

I wonder if I can use my old beta to get in?

MattyF3171d ago

Delta, sadly you can't. You need the preorder code.

Delta3171d ago

I just thought so cause its the same size. I guess my friend can't play. :(

darthv723171d ago

You have to preorder to get the demo?

Anyone know how long after the game is released when a regular demo is available?

himdeel3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

...I'm still at WORK!!!! NOOOOOO SWEET JESUS HALP MEH?!?!? I'll be doing it up something serious for the next few weeks till the full game drops.

PSN id: jboyjeeks

EDIT: Darth September 29th open demo till October 13 at which time the demo we're playing is closed and retail multiplayer goes online. Demo can be gotten from various give a ways but pre-ordering is the sure fire method to get in at the moment.

Lifendz3171d ago

or is this a level from the single player campaign?

Poopface the 2nd3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

In other words is it a demo for everyone to try or just for people who preordered or whatever.

edit-- Ok so I guess it is a demo only for people who preordered it? I thought demos were to get more people to buy the game not rewarding people who would buy the game anyways for preordering. Nothing wrong with it but a demo might convince people like me to go out and buy it day 1.

I will probably buy it anyways but Id like to try it out. Just so you know I dont preorder any games.

JsonHenry3171d ago

google search for a code. You will find it.

FrankDrebin3171d ago

If anyone has a spare code and would like to share, please send me a message. I hate to be a begger but I have shared extra codes in the past.

Thanks everyone!

SaberEdge3171d ago

Damn, I want to play it now, but I didn't pre-order from Gamestop, I pre-ordered from Amazon. Oh well, not long to wait for the open demo and even the game itself. Uncharted 2 will be my favorite game this year (yes, I am that confident), just as Uncharted was my favorite game the year it came out.

HolyOrangeCows3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )


EDIT: Sorry about the double post. Accidentally hit enter. I'm surprised it went through without the ''required'' text in the ''your comment'' part.

SIX3171d ago

When you get in. Stop complaining about how characters take so many bullets to kill. Certain parts of the body are weaker. The guys who seemingly can kill you with a couple bullets are the guys that know how to aim at your head. As well, use the cover system. Why do you think the map is so detailed with so many places to hide. Also, when you kill someone move to the next location. It doesn't take a genius to track down the location of a stream of bullets. Anyways, this game is so freakin good. No re spawn instant death syndrome here. Played 4 hours today and made great friends. No little kids yelling obscenities and tea bagging.

Good times

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dreamcast3171d ago

If anyone wants to play with me, send me a msg. I've been following a strict Uncharted: Drake's Fortune regiment for 2 months in preparation for today.

ctfkev3171d ago

I just got a code for uncharted 2 demo, willing to trade for a valid MAG beta code.

I won the U2 code off twitter from Sonyplaystation 20 min ago.

zeeshan3171d ago

^^ If you don't get the MAG beta, would you share the code with me? I am not in the states right now and I am missing on this extremely hot title! Oh damn it! I just realized, I'll have to order it from PlayAsia to get it here! Damnnn!!!

TooTall193171d ago

Shoot I don't even play the MAG beta anymore. Should have traded with you

Ghost-Face3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

Took the day off for this bad boy, come to me my precious.

Edit: I need some Uncharted 2 friends, add me. Pointt_Blankk

jdlagamer3171d ago

Thank goodness, I've been up since 5am waiting on this. Thanks for the tip!

psID: jdlagamer

see you all online!

seth273171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

can anyone give me his account for a moment so i can download that demo??

psn id: janusz_pijak