Silent Hill 2 Film Is Official

Screenwriter Roger Avary and producer Samuel Hadida are going back to the haunted town of Silent Hill. Both have now signed on to pen the 2nd film based on the cult classic Silent Hill series. After lukewarm reviews of the first film and fan outrage at the deviation from source material, we can only hope Avary and Hadida will take some more time with this one. We believe it can be done, but it just needs the right dedication and research. The 2nd film will be moving from paper to reel after the release of Resident Evil: Afterlife. We hope to see more psychological fear and less Pyramid Head booty.

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Arsenic133204d ago

Hopefully its based on SH2. Seems appropriate with that strange ending in SH1. Let Sean Beans character basically be James Sunderland. Or just make SH2 neglect SH1.

Snoogins3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

Am I the only one to have been greatly disappointed by the first movie? I'm a huge Silent Hill fanboy, completely obsessed with the lore, so watching the first movie upset me. The movie had excellent direction, cinematography, art direction and music with a mood most befitting the series, but TERRIBLE acting and writing! I had hoped everyone involved with those aspects would return, but come with a more competent writer and cast.

Now, as far as you saying Bean should return, I do agree, just not as a James Sunderland character, simply because of the truth of what happened between himself and his wife in the second game. Bring in a new character to be Sunderland and make Bean's character a support, him coming to Silent Hill obsessed to find his wife and daughter but driven insane in his search, showing the effects of the town on your psyche as SH represents your personal nightmares, so everyone views SH differently and is oblivious to reality (every character is disassociated to what is happening).

Arsenic133203d ago

Im a huge fan too. Im the one who wrote the article after all. But it was ok as a VG film, but too far off from the source material for me to love it. I do believe it CAN be done. Just needs the right dedication and research.

THE MAX SPEED 213204d ago

1st one was good. I expect the 2nd to deliver.

Blacktric3204d ago (Edited 3204d ago )

I just want to say one thing. (just look at the embedded video to see how I feel :d)...

Ps. I hope it's going to be as awesome as the first one but more accurate about the story.

CryWolf3204d ago

Finally a sequel it took them long enough, I seen the first Silent Hill movie 100 times now I still don't understand the ending to it, I hope the sequel is better.

Sangria3204d ago

I really liked the first movie, probably the only good video game adaptation i saw (despite many deviances), i wish it was available on BluRay here, i've watched it so many times...
I however hope Christophe Gans will keep being on commands (or maybe is he too much occupied with Onimusha movie?).

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