Uncharted 2 Beta update coming this afternoon!

EvangM a Naughty Dog Dev posted this in the Official Playstation Forums a little while ago ~

"We will be rolling out a patch later today to update the UC2 Beta. You won't have to do anything more than log off and log on Multiplayer to receive the update. Watch this space for more news, and thanks for playing the Uncharted 2 Beta!"

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dreamcast3173d ago

How about you give us the demo before worrying about patching it? ;)

WildArmed3173d ago

I'm loving the demo <3

Cant wait for the offical public release.
Then I can hop in with my less fortunate friends :)

pinga3173d ago

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harshtruth3173d ago (Edited 3173d ago )

if you had the multiplayer beta that came in infamous you may not be able to download the new gamestop demo under the same psn id

create a new id or use a different id on the ps3 and download it from there