iPhone Review: iSink U | The Portable Gamer

TPG writes: "This game brings us back to the glorious times of the game Battleship, a plastic board game that was the closest thing to a pair of laptop PCs for so many of us – this time without all those easily swallowed little pegs & ships turning up in the vacuum cleaner. You still get five ships to place in strategic formations. You still get to take turns. Your opponent secretly places theirs to flummox your intentions of domination on the high seas."

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CrAppleton3232d ago

WTF... is this a battleship ripoff?

Neco5123232d ago

this is just happening all over the place, so get used to it.

Haly3232d ago

Jeez I remember playing Battleships with pen and paper let alone iPhones!

wondroushippo3232d ago

My, how time flies! And just think, soon you'll be able to play on your iTablet...

mrv3213232d ago

I remember Battlefield '95/'97 which was a fantastic game, the A.I was hard but not unfair, the graphics where good the gameplay was solid.

wondroushippo3232d ago

Seems like a decent Battleship clone with some good graphics. Not bad for a buck!

nergy3231d ago

What quality demands can you place on a one dollar app? Not much I would say.