Dragon Quest Swords New Trailer

A new trailer for Dragon Quest Swords for the Wii, has arisen on the official website.

Click on the first new title to watch.

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ChickeyCantor4209d ago (Edited 4209d ago )

trying to translate a flash based website aint doing any good :)

the game looks cool 0_o

techie4209d ago (Edited 4209d ago )

it's out of necessity as this website has already been posted aboout 2 months ago, so i needed a way to get around that :) - found a better way :)

ITR4209d ago

Looks good.

I like how you can block with your shield.

Pheneus4209d ago

looks better and better every time I see it.

anthonsh4209d ago

I think Square Enix is not going to be a 3rd party developer that has trouble selling games on the Wii. Its just a hunch :P