IGN: Further into the Borderlands Preview

IGN writes: "With under two months to go until the release date, you should know at this point that Gearbox's Borderlands could turn out to be one of the year's most unique and interesting titles. It's a game that combines first-person shooter gameplay with the loot-drop mechanics of action role-playing games like Diablo. You run around in a giant open world called Pandora, take on quests from non-player characters standing around in towns, earn experience by killing and questing to learn new skills and become a more durable and effective combatant, and can join with up to four others to participate in co-operative gameplay. As long as Borderlands manages to maintain the momentum of its gameplay beyond the first few hours, it could mean great things for anyone who picks up a copy".

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himdeel3231d ago

...but I cannot purchase another FPS for a while. I need to retire a FPS I'm playing first before I play anything else. I'm hoping someone close to me purchases this so I can try it out otherwise I'll have to just rent it.

bunbun7773231d ago

I can't for sure say this is a Day 1 for me, but I'm hoping it comes together, as an ex WoW player, I can see the possibilities here of a lot of co-op fun and leveling. fingers crossed.