STP: Bloons Tower Defense Hands-On Preview

STP writes: "A big part of the appeal of Bloons Tower Defense can be summed up in four words: Super Monkey Laser Vision. If you need more than that, read on, and find out why we're so excited for this upcoming tower defense game based on the fun and colorful Flash game Bloons.

First: if you're burned out on Tower Defense games, we understand. We are too, for the most part. At this point, the basic story of goblins or ants (or whatever needs to be shot with an arrow from a high vantage point) has basically been done to death. But, what if instead of saving villagers from goblins, you were using monkeys with darts to pop balloons?"

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cool3213d ago

w00t - i love bloons and bloons td3 is the best!