1000GB Blu-ray Recorder Announced By Hitachi

Hitachi is set to launch a 1000GB Blu-ray recorder. The product that was shown at the Harvey Norman Conference being held at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre. According to Hitachi Australia the device will go on sale in 2008 for around $2,000.

A leader in storage devices, Hitachi has also released in the USA for US$400 the Deskstar 7K1000. It was first announced at CES 2007 as the world's first one-terabyte hard drive and has now been shipping for a month.

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JasonPC360PS3Wii4173d ago

And here I was just thinking it's just us "NERDS" that play video games and everday people that watch movies.

PS3 Owns All4173d ago

Thats like a year worth of PS3 games right there lol

gta_cb4172d ago

well i know i wont be buying anything like that for that ammount of money! BLOODY HELL!

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Maddens Raiders4173d ago (Edited 4173d ago )

$2K should be nothing to you with all of your race cars and your friends with Lotus's. What are ya some kind of cheap skate or another "top gamer?" hmmmm

a/w a one thousand Gig drive for $2K and a terrabyte for $400. What's up with that? Sounds confusing since a terrabyte has slightly more data storage capab., huh? Wonder if MS will offer this as an add-on for the Super3L33T? J/K cheers

ITR4173d ago

No, I just change jobs.
My old job gave me high BP.

Even if I was still making a $100k a yr I doubt I would buy that for $2k.

ChickeyCantor4173d ago

what happend to the word Terabyte or is that way to much future-talk?

sandip7874173d ago

or is it a hard drive for pcs? if its for tvs, it explains the price diff between 1000 gig and 1 terrabyte hdd

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The story is too old to be commented.