Dualshockers: DiRT 2 PS3/360 Review

DualShockers writes:
'So here I am my first proper review for DualShockers, the Codemasters title, DiRT 2. I'm going to start by complimenting whoever compiled the track list, composes of two Bloc Party songs, one being my favourite, Elbow, Franz Ferdinand, The Cribs, The Prodigy, Stone Roses and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Probably the best soundtrack to a game since Burnout Revenge first introduced me into Bloc Party. Before I've ever started playing, little nuisances of this game, aside from the music, please me. Codemasters seem to have a definite sense of humour that really strikes a chord with me, I chose the nickname of 'Omelette', whilst also seeing 'McLovin' available but I didn't think I'd stoop to such an obvious reference. Additionally, one of the Trophies/Achievements in DiRT 2 is entitled '2 Cups, One Girl'. I'll leave you to figure out how that could possibly fit into an off-road racing game.'

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iiprotocolii3201d ago

If this game is that good, then it sure as hell worth getting. Never looked bad, but I was speculating.

iiprotocolii3201d ago

I wonder how it will put up against the other racers coming this year.

taz80803201d ago

Good review, proper even