Blizzard Teasers of New Game Have Begun

Blizzard Entertainment has begun its ever "go-insane" teasers just days before a major game announcement. The Blizzard homepage at now shows two images of Game box artwork.

Blizzard will announce its new game on their "The World Wide Invitational (WWI)" event in South Korea on May, 19th.

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id dot entity4236d ago

A registered URL doesn't say anything. But man if it's true... that would be awesome!

Cartesian3D4236d ago

Warcraft 4 : (My dream)

more chance for Starcraft II ( Korean ppl will support it till their last breath )

Bonsai12144236d ago

i would support starcraft till i die.. its better than WCIII on every level IMO.

i'm hoping for a galaxy of starcraft.. that'd be AMAZING

or, maybe its Starcraft: GHOST.. at last! haha

Cartesian3D4236d ago

anyway I love both of them... and follow their tournaments results...(pro in WC3)

but I love Warcraft (specialy its STORY) more.. but in game I agree with u .. starcraft is a alittle better in term of GAMEPLAY.. but STORY is one the most important part of the games to make ppl love them..

iceice1234236d ago

I hope. I like Starcraft and, it was even my first Blizz game. But I got into Diablo a lot more. But meh, probably SC2, fair enough.

Satanas4235d ago

Diablo 2 + Expansion were the only Blizzard games that I was ever heavily into. It'd be crazy to see a new one.

kevkev34235d ago

Exciting stuff... Starcraft 2 or wc4 i hope
starcraft MMORTS would be nice too...

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