Student Kills Intruder with Samurai Sword after PlayStation, Laptops Stolen

Holy crap. Detectives are still interviewing a John Hopkins University student who fatally lacerated the upper body of a man breaking into his off-campus residence overnight. The suspect also suffered a nearly-severed hand, and was pronounced dead at the scene.

The house is home to four undergrads who had already had a Sony PlayStation and two laptops stolen earlier on Monday.
And when one of the students heard noises at about 1am, he went to downstairs to investigate armed with the sword. He saw that the side door to their garage had been pried open, and inside, was lunged at by the suspect.

The poor guy didn't deserve to die, but Police have confirmed he has priors for breaking and entering.

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mrv3212895d ago

The student died to didn't he?

This is pretty low, students have massive depts and to be honest I am sort of siding with the student, if you enter a mans home looking to steal then you best be pretty good at it, and the student had every right to defend himself and property.

I'm surprised they wheren't having a raid on their laptops on Dota.

Mr_Bun2895d ago

Bottom line: You break into someone's home, the residents don't know what to expect and have every right to protect themselves by all possible means.

One thing is for sure....this will be the last B&E this guy does

Poopface the 2nd2895d ago

This guy deserved to get chopped up. Often times people who break into homes end up injuring or killing innocent people so that they dont get caught. I would love to go to court over killing someone who broke into my house, but I live in FL so Im allowed to kill intruders.

I give this kid props for going pulp fiction on this guy as he may have saved some innocent person from getting hurt or killed down the line.

Bottom line, if you break into peoples houses you deserve to get messed up or even killed.

evrfighter2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

he die in battle by way of the sword.

a noble death indeed

Trebius2895d ago

He must feel so F-ing COOL right now...only 21st century undergrad I know of that has slain someone with a samurai blade.

Either that or he's traumatized...

I'd be pretty souped...

Chrisny852895d ago

I cannot believe the comments i read on the original post website.

People are saying he went to far? excuse me but if there is an intruder in my house and he lunges at me (attacks me).. consider him dead. especially if i happen to have a samurai sword available. I consider myself a peaceful person but if my friends/family or own life are at risk, im not taking time to ask questions. This intruder may have had every intention to kill people in the house

Regardless its an open and shut case.. intruder breaks in/ attacks/ gets killed out of self defense/ owner of the house walks.

f7897902895d ago

Man this guy is going to have an awesome reputation on campus.

SupaPlaya2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

the robber did not play MGS4 and is punished by a gamer that knows the way of the samurai.

"It's the enemy!"

To fellow robbers: bring a playboy or a box next time.

jadenkorri2895d ago

buy a samurai sword after Kill Bill Vol 1 or Vol 2. I have one for show, its not sharp, but swinging at someone would definitively sever a hand or something else, i highly doubt it would slice someone in half like a real samurai sword should.... but still its awesome on my mantle above my head rest....yes i know, kinda bad spot if an earthquake happens, but its obviously in its sheath, and its blunt.

SaberEdge2895d ago

This is a crazy story. The student probably didn't mean to kill the intruder, but from what we know so far, I think the student did nothing wrong. He probably got into a tussle with the robber and with adrenaline pumping and the desire to protect his own life it lead to the death of the criminal.

This should be a lesson to any criminals. If you break into someone's home, steal their property, and make the home owner feel threatened don't be surprised if you end up hurt or dead.

randomwiz2895d ago

Death even though desrved seems way too harsh. (If he was alive)Life in prison would've been a better sentence.

Not to sound disrespective or something,but why is this on n4g?

Tomdc2895d ago

Death is not deserved for robbery. Obviously we dont know the specifics but that kinda force was unlikely to be nessercery in the eyes of both morality and the law... he could be done for manslaughter, he wouldn't get murder cos they would simply claim it was recklessness not intent to kill/ cause GBH.

DominusRebellis2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

I wonder if he twirled his sword above his head and played FF7 Battle Victory music after he won the battle

DaDaDaDa Da Da Da DaDa!!!

+500Exp...LEVEL UP!

Beast_Master2895d ago

Sorry... if you don't own the moral code not to take things from people who worked hard get them, then you don't have the moral code to be a part of society. No not saying they all should be killed, but my heart doesn't break when one dies at the hands of their victim.

FarEastOrient2895d ago

This is the best title I've seen for an article.

nycredude2895d ago


I also bought a samurai sword, it's really sharp and I stabbed the last game over at my house who complained that firmware 3.0 frozed their uncharted.


Seriously though if this is your profession (alot of people are burglars0 then you either better be good at it or be prepared for a battle cause anyone who feels threatened by an intruder is capable of heinous things when protecting their life.

And yeah what the student did was heinous, whether it was wrong or not. Chopping someone to death is a fvcked up thing and will probably fvck the kid's noodles up for quite a while.

edhe2895d ago


low life repeat criminal is now not sucking tax payer's hard earned money in jail, thankfully.

Good on the guy for defending himself, sadly he'll never get over it.

FamilyGuy2895d ago

Can you imagine him telling his grand kids the story when he's older?
"Grampa was a samurai!?"
"No no no, he was a nerd who got lucky"


edhe2895d ago

"When an officer approached, Rice pulled a loaded Rohm .22-caliber handgun, which the officer was able to grab."

So not only a serial offender but pulled a gun on a cop.

ThanatosDMC2895d ago

One less asshole off the streets. It was good that he killed the robber. The more this happens, the robbers dying, the less likely people would get robbed. If there's a fatal consequence or fear, then bad people wont do what they do.

That's why if i ruled the world... yeah, terrible things would need to happen to bad people to promote world peace... if only...

BLuKhaos2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

Score one for justice!If this was a perfect world I would've cut the dude up and hanged his remains on my front lawn so that everyone could what happens when you break into my sh!t.I'd rather keep my stuff than let that burglar continue on with his life.My valuables take precedence over any degenerate's life.

Tell me about it.But leave it to these tree hugging liberals to ruin society with their "feelings" and "human rights" and give criminals a free ride in life.In a perfect world I would tie a failed carjacker to the back bumper of my car and take him for a ride on the highway.

cmrbe2895d ago

We don't really know what really happend. If it was self defence its is completely understandable. However if it was cold blooded murder then it is another story.

I an case if this guy wans't there. None of this would have happend. In the end it was his fault.

jadenkorri2895d ago

if you have watched the video it says they confronted the burglar in the backyard, grabbed the sword and cut off his ear and hand... I suspect they will be charged with manslaughter, they won't get off with self defense unless the burglar had a weapon which there is not talk of.

INehalemEXI2895d ago (Edited 2895d ago )

this an old vid from 07 off my old GS account. I would hack and slash on an intruder too but I would also bind wound and burn it to stop the bleeding so there are no fatalities. If dudes unarmed though I just sap em with the butt of me boken.

JsonHenry2894d ago

Bet the burglar was not expecting that!

MNicholas2894d ago

It takes very little to incapacitate a man using a sword. One swipe across any part of the body is enough to make a man, no matter how crazed, to drop to the ground and beg for his life.

The intruder was totally cut up and one of his hands was nearly severed. Clearly excessive force.

I congratulate the student for doing the right thing and using the sword on the intruder but after winning the battle and defeating his adversary he kept slicing away. He turned what could have been a brave and honorable act into a shameful episode of murder.

MNicholas2894d ago

and you can't call the police in time then you must attack first. If you unintentionally kill the intruder then so be it.

Having read the story, it's apparent that the student ample time to call 911 and should have. The student went downstairs with the intent of avenging the loss of his laptops. He first chopped off the guys hand and ear. He should have stopped there and called 911. The intruder was going nowhere. Instead he then speared the guy with the sword.

Surveys have shown that a surprising number of people would kill someone if they felt they could get away with it. This student may have been such a person.

Beast_Master2894d ago

The guy was out of jail for a day. He had 29 priors and pulled a gun on a cop.. Sorry if I don't feel bad the dude is dead. If he got caught robbing 20+ times he his either really bad at it or did it for a living, and jail time never deterred him. There is no telling what other crimes a guy like that committed. I understand your point if this was someone that was a first time offender or had fallen on hard times but no he was garbage.. and he died doing what he loved, and at work apparently.

UltimateIdiot9112894d ago

It may have been too much but think about it. The student probably got freak out by the burglar, adrenaline kicks in and just went nuts on him just to make sure. I highly doubt he is train to use a sword so he probably just slice away just to make sure the burglar doesn't have a chance to get him. It's not like the student was a bloodthirsty killer who seeks out bad guys.

OhReginald2894d ago

viral marketing for ninja gaiden sigma 2.....

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D4RkNIKON2895d ago

"Detectives are still interviewing a John Hopkins University student who fatally lacerated the upper body of a man breaking into his off-campus residence overnight."

The student is fine, the robber isn't.. Wow this story is insane, a samurai sword is almost as odd as a bolt gun.

mrv3212895d ago

'The suspect also suffered a nearly-severed hand, and was pronounced dead at the scene. '

Got to me a bit, I though who is this the robber or the gamer.

I'm sure Jack Thompson will blame it on video games and not

A)The fact the student had a samurai sword(guns/swords don't kill people a series of 1 and 0's on discs do)
B)This is forced entry... I believe the student was in every right to defend himself.
C) Not many games feature a college kid who's home gets robbed and must use a samurai sword... and even if such a game was made there's no way for it to be in anyway realistic with allowing the feel for the sword, the weight, the technique, the force, carrying etc.

Raz2894d ago

Can't face the risks, don't do the crime. Burglar breaks and enters, attacks when confronted; dies in a struggle with the kid.

He'll walk.