Bunny Breeder - ZTGD Review

Cat writes: "Bunny Breeder makes to capitalize on the inherent cute potential of romping bunnies and their much lauded reproductive prowess. Simply, you want to score as many points as possible by sending bunnies down the rabbit hole. Don't make the same mistake I did and send all onscreen bunnies down the hole at game start, looking all pleased with yourself. Bunnies must be mated to generate yet more bunnies, and should you run out of the fluffy resource it's game over."

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PS360WII3232d ago

"A recent update for the game includes global leader boards, which is a great addition that may heighten the competitive appeal of the game. Although, I'm number one, which always makes me concerned that not many people are playing."

by the sound of the game you might just be... funny idea for a game though

Cat3232d ago

It's my online gaming rule of thumb - except for Dactyl, at which I ROCK ;). For example, if I'm playing COD4 and I'm the best on my team, my team sucks.

PS360WII3232d ago

lol now that's some gaming confidence!

Cat3232d ago

I'm just saying, you know, know your strengths. ;) Especially as a reviewer, odds are I'm getting a fraction of the play time with any given game that the real fans are - and I'm not one of the frag dolls!